Dating Spots in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country with lots of beautiful and romantic places. Valentine’s day is near, and love birds are looking for dating spots in Nepal. We are listing out some best dating spots in Nepal for couples.

Dating Spots in Kathmandu

Garden of Dreams

While visiting the garden of dreams, it can be regarded as a dating spot as we can see only couples. It is also called mini Europe. Garden of Dreams has a good history to listen. Before 97 years, Keshar Samsher visited Europe and saw a beautiful garden in Europe and decided to make a garden similar to it. It was opened to the public on 2064. The beautiful, peaceful environment is a feature of Garden of Dreams.

Bhrikuti Mandap

Bhrikuti Mandap is a located in a centre of Kathmandu. It is a destination of many couples.

Manju Shree Park (Chobar)

Chobar is famous dating sport of Nepal. It does not need to be a valentine for people to date on Chobar. It is the best place which is located in the distance from Kathmandu, and it is always with a good climate.

Sankha Park

Shankha Park is reachable by public transportation. Couples without their own transportation can go to Sankha Park for a dating.

Godawari Park

It is a big park and a renowned dating spot of Nepal in a big forest. It does not need to be Valentine’s day to visit Godawari Park. Couples usually get around Godawari Park every day. It is a peaceful, romantic and beautiful place where couples can entertain with birds noise and beautiful flowers.

Balaju Baishdhara

Many couples date at Balaju (Baishdhara). It is a peaceful place with beautiful colourful flowers all around.

UN Park

UN Park is a park from Kupondole to Sankhamool nearby Bagmati river. It is a beautiful, peaceful place to date.

Tribhuvan park

It is on the way to Thankot. It is a nice park with a greenery all around. Many couples go for a date in Tribhuwan park.


Sangha is not a new name to date for people residing in Kathmandu. Public transport can easily reach to Sangha. It has a big statue of God Shiva. It is regarded as one of the best dating spots of Nepal.

dating spot in nepal

Dating Spots in Pokhara

Power house

It is located in the distance from Birauta on the road to Ram Mandir. It is a beautiful place with greenery. It is a quite place to date. A beautiful noise of flow of water entertains more.

Pamey Lakeside

Lakeside is the best place in Pokhara to visit. But Pamey can be the best dating place of Pokhara. Pamey is located in the distance from Pokhara nearby a beautiful Fewa Lake.

Mountain Museum

It is located nearby Pokhara in a peaceful place. It is a beautiful place for a couple to date.

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