Dial 1111 to report high bus fare, fraud, black market

Nepal government has managed a toll-free telephone number in case a customer wants to report such fraud in progress.

It has been informed that the general people can report frauds, black marketing and other scams immediately by calling private secretariat of the prime minister in toll-free number 1111 and automatic secretariat number 9841493687.

PM’s private secretariat has informed that immediate action would be taken against if any fraud is reported.

New update:

Public vehicles like buses and mini buses do not have a schedule and leave when there are enough passengers.There are many buses, minibuses, micro buses and three-wheelers available for different destinations in the valley. The services, however, are fairly frequent. The last city buses stop running after around 8 pm. City buses (that ply within Kathmandu and go to Patan as well as those going to Kirtipur, Banepa, Dhulikhel and Thankot) leave from the City Bus Park located at the eastern side of Tundikhel parade ground. Trolley buses to Bhaktapur leave from Tripureswor, near the national stadium – Dashrath Rangasala. While the buses sometimes could be highly packed with passengers standing and hanging on the doors, three wheeler tempos are comparatively comfortable as there is no problem of passenger stuffing. Tourist buses are available for tourist only in Nepal. These are run by private bus companies or travel agencies.Tourist buses are more comfortable, faster and less crowded and more expensive compared to the local buses

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