Driving License Form Online

Driving License Form Online
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Nepal has started taking driving license form online. Here is a tutorial for filling up driving license form online for Nepal. I remember three months before when I was in Nepal for a holiday, I waited in a queue for four hours for just making a copy of my driving license. It was not only me who was in trouble because of a manual paper process during the early days. Now, the time has arrived. Nepalese can fill the driving license form online sitting on your chair.

It is really a good step of Nepal government. It has almost saved the time of million of people. It was very much difficult in the past days. People needed to queue up from early in the morning in order to submit a form. Now every Nepalese can fill up driving license form online easily.

Step by step process to fill up Nepal driving license form online

Firstly, you must go to the link

driving license form online

Now, on clicking proceed button, you will move towards the next page as shown in the image.

driving license form

You need to fill up your details in this section. These details are completely based on your identity. Please fill up the form carefully without any kind of error. You can take help from your citizenship document or passport while filling up this driving license form online.

Nepal driving license from online tutorial in Nepali

Visitors, if you are finding any kind of trouble or confusion on filling a form, please leave your comment on the comment section below. Our expert IT team will guide you through the process. If you share your problem, it may help other people as well.

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