SLC preparation material of Science-grade 10 विज्ञान

SLC को तयारी गर्दै रहेका बिधार्थीलाई बिज्ञानमा सहयोग गर्नको लागि ,विज्ञानका  केही पाठहरु को notes यहा राखेका छौं: (SLC old questions with answers) SLC preparation material Science script -7... Read more »

SLC preparation Material For English -GRADE 10 ENGLISH

If you are Appearing SLC this year and seeking for the study materials ,here we have got some of it for you. SUBJECT: C.ENGLISH SLC Preparation Material English series... Read more »

B.Pharm Computer Science Note Pokhara University

Computer Science with subject code CSC 191 of pokhara university Notes. This note is written by lecture of Pokhara University Mr. Yagya Nath Rimal   B.Pharm CSC191finalf Read more »

Sagarmatha Earth Station Report

A Report on Sagarmatha Earth Station: An earth station, ground station, or earth terminal is a terrestrial terminal station designed for extra-planetary telecommunication with spacecraft, and/or reception of radio waves... Read more »

Computer Application Note for BPH (Pokhara University)

This Computer Application Note is written by Lecture of Pokhara University, Mr. Yagyanath Rimal. This note is based for BPH under syllabus of Pokhara University.   doc (MS word)... Read more »

Programming in C Notes (Pokhara University)

This programming in C Note is written by Lecture of Pokhara University, Yagya Nath Rimal, under the curriculum syllabus of Pokhara University.   Click to download Note on programming in... Read more »

Full note on C++ for Universities of Nepal

Here is the note and manual for C++ that works for all c++ enthusiastic students. This works as a best curriculam guideliness for Students of Pokhara University. Moreover, it... Read more »