EDV 2018 Form online submission new rules

EDV 2018 form submission has been started from October 4. EDV 2018 has few new rules that must be considered by everyone otherwise form might get disqualified. With an audience craze of EDV program since past few years, EDV program has been the easy way to get settled in the USA. Let’s know what are the few changes that have been made for EDV 2018 program this time.

EDV 2018 form online submission new rules

For applicants who are filling the form for EDV 2018, this year must know these rules. Basically, we have listed out over here for their ease.

  1. No glasses on photos
    Applicants must remove their glasses off while taking their photos.
  2. Use different photo
    Applicants must not use the same photo that they have submitted before.

These two rules are the important rules that every applicant must consider for EDV 2018. EDV application is more likely to be disqualified if these rules are not followed.


EDV 2018 photo tool

Travel.state.gov has provided a guide for getting a quality photo from applicants. If you are still having a confusion about the actual need of a photo for application, you can use this tool provided by Travel.state.gov at https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/passports/FIG_cropper.swf.

edv 2018 photo

Image source: Department of States, United States of America

US Embassy, Nepal an official Facebook page of US Embassy, Nepal has updated their Facebook status with a changes in rule.

edv 2018 us embassy

How to submit EDV 2018 form online?

You can submit EDV 2018 form online. You need to go to https://www.dvlottery.state.gov/ and submit a form.


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