EDV 2019 edv lottery form 2075 fill online

EDV 2019 is open from October 3 2018 to November 8 2018. Nepali date of edv 2019 is 14 Ashwin 2075  to 17 Kartik 2075. Know how to fill edv form in perfect way.

EDV 2019 exactly starts on 9:45 PM Nepali Time on 14 Ashwin 2073. Please know that, EDV is a free program so it is better not to pay anyone for filling EDV form 2019.

EDV 2019 important tips

  • Click a perfect photo as described on our important update page. This link describes the perfect way of photograph for EDV 2019. Photograph must match with the requirement of EDV program. The above link will completely guide you through photograph.
  • Never do multiple entry. One person is allowed to fill up form only once.
  • EDV 2018 form can not be submitted after 17th kartik 2075.

EDV 2019 Online Result

EDV 2019 form

EDV 2019 form fill online from www.dvlottery.state.gov. You can apply yourself. Its very easy and process completes on maximum 15 minutes. It is not good to go cyber and pay for EDV form fill up.

After filling up EDV 2019 form, you will get a confirmation page. Keep edv 2019 confirmation code with you. It is must to check edv result of 2018.

EDV 2019 winners can go to US in 2019 AD. The form opens and closes in 2018 itself. Its your luck if you are edv winner of 2019. Your luck can take you to US to settle there for your future. Criteria of edv lottery 2019 is easy and you must have higher secondary level of education. These are only the important things you must know about edv. EDV is open for many countries. Many Nepalese have already settled in US being EDV winners.

EDV 2019 program ends in one month. So, you need to fill up edv form as soon as possible. If you have any problem regarding edv form fill up, you can ask for help on comment section below. We will guide you giving information on filling edv form for free. Good luck for edv 2019.

Edv result 2018 2019 will publish on May. Please stay on this page to get updated about edv result.

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  1. Swastik Bhattarai says:

    EDV is very important for me .It mean a lot for my studies,career,future of my children. I am a student at CCRC college,Nepal and i want to study on subject IT(information technology) in USA and want to change or develop a new generation in the field of IT with my knowledge and with a team work which i get over there. Till now i have made small programs,software and i want to do much more better with the opportunity and a platform that USA will provide for me. I can rather go there from student visa also but it will be for shorter time period only . So,i would like to win a lottery of EDV rather to go there with a student lottery. So,when and where the EDV lottery for 2018 A.D will open and what are the procedure for that.

  2. sanam khatiwada says:

    i am the student of Don Bosco institute of of engineering & technology,Nepal and i am studying diploma course in electrical engineer and i am first year student. i want to complete my study in foreign country. so i would like to be winner of EDV 2018.

  3. Ashish Khatiwada says:

    I have to go US and want to settle there…….

  4. Biswakarma Laxman says:

    my name and address


  6. suman shrestha says:

    yah.. i am a CSIT(Computer Science and Information Technology )student.Studying in 4 th semester.I want to go USA.

  7. Bikash sah says:

    To study aeronetic engineering

  8. Bikash sah says:

    I’m +2 level students studying at Trinity Int’l college of kathmandu,Nepal.My aim is to be a aeronetical engineer and also my aim to graduate from foreign countries.Thank U

  9. saroj subedi says:

    hello there.
    im saroj subedi . i used to fill up DV every year since 2007.
    at that time pobox was in use,
    now i was randomly checking my dv and i found my name in 2008. in http://www.gpo.gov.np/DvSrchResult.aspx link. but i was unaware at that time. nobody call me n i did not check any result expecting that they will call me if i wine.
    is the name published is mine?
    can i do anything now?
    what can i do now?
    please solve my problem

  10. Arjun Gupta says:

    I want to clear my graduation degree from US if I would provided an oppurtunities from EDV lottery team

  11. Samrat gc says:

    I am student ………….
    Having lots of dream which can’t fulfiled in Nepal …
    Hoping that to fullfiled my dream …EDV 2018…

  12. Buddha Dahal says:

    I donn know the complete correct way to fill up tbe eDV online form 2018.
    please send me the informations ,tips about the complete procedure to fill the form
    Thank You

  13. rajeevshrestha says:

    edv is most important for me its my dream to hard working at us united states of america an my familys better simply her lifestyle so i dont have any discripson that why and again i say family is our heaven and we working hard for good life any time all is well

  14. Akash Dhimal says:

    Well, I always had an interest in Mechanical Engineering Specially in automobile. And i had completed my diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Me and my friends had invented compressed air vehicle as a project of automobile. So, I want to specialize my course in Mechanical Engineering. Moreover, I would like to get opportunity to study about hydro-power, Fuel refining and other mechanical related stuffs.
    Therefore, USA is one of the best country where US degrees are recognized worldwide for their excellence in teaching, innovation, study and research. Moreover, syllabus and the curriculum are designed according to modern standards and needs. And there is highly skilled and experience professor and lecture with practical based teaching helps to learned things better.
    This is how my Study level will be increase.

  15. i want to winner of 2018

  16. Binod kumal says:

    I am the student
    I am +12 pass

  17. dhirendra sah says:

    i am the student of R.R.M campus janakpur, nepal and i am studying B.B.S first year student. i want to complete my study in foreign country. so i would like to be winner of EDV 2018.

  18. azay pandey says:

    where can i get online form?

  19. I wonder why people are giving bio data over here, can’t you see?? Its just a website giving us information about EDV they are not the one to make you winner and give you EDV. You don’t need to post your bio data and information here.

  20. jivan bista says:

    i want to join also in edv

  21. Basant Babu thakur says:

    hello I am from Nepal from sarlahi distric I am farmer I am 19 years old I am study in village this EDV is very important for me

  22. Milan thapa says:

    i dont have higher secondary level of education .what should i do?

  23. Tashi lama says:

    Edv need +2 or slc also done, can u tell me the requirement of edv

  24. I am very poor . I can’t able to get more education due to proverty . so, i am hardly wishing to go to USA.

  25. ranjan lage says:

    how to fill up edv to get visa

  26. Hasan Bashir Ansari says:

    I have Completed shool level and i wanna cntinue my further study in USA.

  27. Yuvraj Gurung says:

    I m a student of humanities and still running my diploma study.I think I m perfect for study in US.That’s why, I would prefer to apply here

  28. Bikram Jung khadka says:

    I am the student of asian engineering collage Kathmandu, nepal. I am studying architecture engineering here and this is the first year and I am willing to complete my 3 year course in foreign country. So, I am trying this.

  29. Jwala Prakash Pulami says:

    I’m a student of Civil engineering at mid western University of Nepal. I’m second year student . I want to study mater’s level in foreign country for my better experiences.

  30. madan adhikari says:

    Want to go USA for my study…..hope to complete BHM…

  31. Anonymous says:

    What will be the future of an MBBS student in the US?

  32. rajeshchataut says:

    I want to go amrica for work


    I am an Engineering Geologist and engineering, geotechnics and disaster mitigation professional in Nepal. Now interested on international job on my profession since 20 years. I am graduated on Geology (Engineering geology and Geophysics) form TU Nepal and latter on Disaster Mitigation from SMU India. I wand to have research on my study fields and want have a PhD from USA. So I would like to be winner of EDV 2018.

    Thank you,


    It is my earnest desire to study and work in US.

  35. sarita risal says:

    I am a student of management.going to America is very important for my further studies and better and bright future

  36. Bhuwan Thadarai says:

    I am the student of grade 12 in science faculty. I am studying in Oxford Higher Secondary School lying in Rupendehi district at Butwal. I am applying edv for my further study . I want to study in USA because I want to know the quality education of USA. I want to study computer software and hardward so that I can make world global and easier an many more. If I am able to win edv I m sure that I will develop present technology more and I will nomore loose my confidence because I don’t quit at half time.


    i am working in space time network(p)ltd.i am is branch incharg in space time .so i like to be EDV 2018 of winner…



  39. baldev parajuli says:

    i am the student of TU institute of commerce, i am studying diploma course in commerce and i am third year student. i want to complete my study in foreign country. so i would like to be winner of EDV 2018.

  40. baldev parajuli says:

    i am the student of TU institute of commerce, i am studying diploma course in commerce and i am third year student. i want to complete my study in foreign country. so i would like to be winner of EDV 2018.thank you

  41. Alish Timalsina says:

    Hello m nepali (Nepalese) and now m studying 3rd year mechanical engineering so I want to USA as a free EDV lottery visa………..So, anyone good ideas and information to get this free lottery visa??????

    1. Wap Nepal says:

      That does not make sense. Why should you win the lotto if you are 3rd year mechanical engineering student? It is a random process and its your luck Alish.

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