EDV 2019 Online Result, DV 2019 Result

US government has published EDV 2019 online result today. You can check EDV 2019 online result by US government over here.

EDV 2019 Online Result

EDV 2019 Online Result

It is easy to check online dv result from wapnepal. In the past days, we used to provide dv lottery winner name list. This year also, we will provide winner name list in this website. If you have won the dv lottery 2019, use our comment section to let us know so that we will be able to update your name on the list of dv winners 2019.

EDV 2019 Winners Name

EDV 2019 Online Result, DV 2019 Result

It is easy to check edv 2019 online result. You need to check the official website of US government named dvlottery.state.gov. It is the only one official website where you can check the result. Without wasting your time searching through the web, you can go straight away to dvlottery.state.gov.

How to Check EDV 2019 Online Result?

As mentioned, you need to go to online dv result official website of dv lottery. We have already provided the official website of dv lottery and you can follow that link.

Step by Step Process to Check EDV 2019 Online Result

We have already mentioned the steps to check EDV 2019 online result. If you are new to our website, then you can follow these instructions to check your edv 2019 result.

  • Official website dvlottery.state.gov has EDV result. So, go to official website first.
  • You will see the box to enter the conformation code. You can enter your code in that box.
  • It asks for family name. You need to provide family name.
  • Lastly, click submit now button to get your edv result.

If you are lucky winner, you will get an email confirming you are selected for edv program. But, you must be careful while checking that email. If may be from fake email address also. You need to confirm who is the sender by checking their email address. If it is other than official website of dvlottery state gov, then only it may be genuine. But, you need to take time to analyse it whether it is true or fake. Please remember that, no one will ask money with you to process your dv lottery. If you get that kind of email, report it as a spam or ignore it.

We would like to highlight again that dv program is free and no one will ask money with you. So, you need to be alert on it. No one will ask money for processing. Please do not fall on the trap of spammers.

So, never ever believe on anyone who ask for money to process your dv lottery result.

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