EDV | DV result 2019 published Today

Since many days, some websites claimed that the Dv lottery 2019 result, edv result 2019 is out, it was not true. The result of edv is due for today on May 15, 2018.

We are the genuine website which provides information on different aspects of Nepal since many years.edv result

As the result is due for today on May 15, you can check your edv result from today.

edv result 2019

The official website publishes the edv lotto result. Many people are confused about the result. It is the DV result of 2018 and if you are the lucky winner you can fly on 2019. That is the reason many people claim as result 2019.

When is the EDV (DV LOTTERY)  2019 publish date

Official website claims that the EDV result 2019 will start showing in the official website on May 15, 2018 starting at noon (Eastern Time).

This date may change and if it changes we will let you know about the changed date.dv lotto result 2019

EDV lotto result date in Nepal

DV lotto result Nepal date is Jestha 1st. We expect the result will be on the evening time of Jestha 1st. It is because result will be published on May 15, 2018 on the noon time (EST). That may be on Jestha 1st evening or you can check it by Jestha 2nd.

check edv result

How to check Edv result 2019?

Our website consists of detail information on edv result checking procedure. You can follow our page EDV Result 2019 EDV Result 2020 EDV Result 2075. This consist on each and every ways to check result.

What is EDV 1st letter and EDV 2nd letter?

We will provide more information in this after edv result is out. So, we will update this section after few days of result. I am on hurry right now. Thank you for understanding.

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