Embassy of India Scholarships for Nepalese Students

Embassy of India announces scholarships for Nepali students for following subjects.

Know all announcement made by embassy of India regarding scholarship notices for nepali students and nepal.

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About Education and Scholarship

Over the years India’s contribution to the development of human resources in Nepal has  been one of the major aspects of India-Nepal cooperation.


  •    Around 3000 scholarships/seats are provided every year by GOI though the Embassy of India, Kathmandu to Nepali nationals for undergoing various courses at the Ph.D/Masters, Bachelors and Plus-two levels in India as well as Nepal.
  •     These scholarships/seats are provided for a wide spectrum of studies ranging from engineering, medicine, agriculture, pharmacology, veterinary sciences, computer application, business administration, music and fine arts, etc.
  • Around 220 Scholarships are given for studying BE/B.Tech, B.Sc,(Agri),  B. Pharma and B.Sc (Dairy Tech) under Compex Nepal Scholarship.
  •    Around 110 scholarships are there to undertake undergraduate courses such as BBA/BCA/ Others including 5 scholarships for undertaking Music/Fine Arts courses, three scholarships for studying Hospitality and Management under General Cultural Scholarship Scheme.
  •     120 Scholarships for undertaking post graduate courses in disciplines like MBA/MCA and other PG level courses,10 seats for M.Sc (Ag) and 8 seats for Ph.D under Silver Jubilee Scholarship Scheme.
  • With the aim of providing comprehensive and integrated training to in-service candidates of GoN/Public Sector nominees of GoN, 30 seats are allotted to Nepal under the Technical Cooperation Scheme (TCS) of the Colombo Plan and 220 seats for employees of GON & public/private sector under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme.
  • The Golden Jubilee Scholarship Scheme was implemented for the first time in 2002-03 under which 200 scholarships are awarded to Nepalese students studying in MBBS, BE/B.Tech and other undergraduate courses in Nepal.
  • Under the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Scheme, initiated in 2003-04, 2000 scholarships are being provided every year to students of Class-XI and XII studying in Nepal.
  • The Dr. Homi J. Bhaba Scheme launched in 2004-05, provides 40 scholarships to Nepalese students for studying ME/M.Tech in India.
  • Under a new scheme, implemented in 2005-06, 33 Nepalese students are provided scholarships for studying in Army Public Schools, in India.
  • Bharat-Nepal Maitri Shiksha Karyakaram is a short-term course for undergraduate and post-graduate students of Nepal. The programme was launched recently to provides opportunities to the young minds to better understand different facets of life in India and India-Nepal relations and progress made by the country in various fields. Calcutta University was chosen to host the first batch of students under this Karyakaram.


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