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EPS stands for employment permit system. Information about EPS exam center, eps exam date, eps exam result. It is the main gateway to work legally in South Korea. Every year thousands of people are employed by the South Korean Government through the EPS TOPIK Exam.These days many youths group are attracted for the jobs in South Korea through EPS TOPIK exam because of good salary and nice facility. It has its head office in lalitpur ,Gwarko. The candidate must attend the office before 30 minutes from the represented time if they are not able to attend before 30 minutes  with the required documents then they are not eligible to attend in the exam.

Documents needed for EPS Exam

The required documents you should bring for  EPS exam are ,

  • All applicants must enter in the CBT hall before Orientation time.
  • All examiners must carry their Passport, Citizenship and Admit card.
  • Mobile phone, PDA, electronic dictionary and other electronic devices are not allowed in the exam hall.
  • If applicant is caught cheating, test will be void and the applicants are banned  for next two years to appear in EPS TOPIK exam.
  • Even if you successfully pass the EPS TOPIK exam, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be employed in Korea. It only allows you to register your job application.

Total estimated numbers of successful candidates are 10 thousands 2 hundreds, among which 4 thousands from Manufacturing Sector and 6 thousands 2 hundreds from Agriculture Sector.One person can fill the application form only in one field and after the candidate passes the examination they can fill the job application form in that field.For those who are interested in Manufacturing Sector, there are three sectors (A) Assemble (B) Measures (C) Join. Candidates have to choose one section under these three sections.For those candidates who are willing to apply for the Agriculture, there are two choices (A) Agriculture (B) Livestock. Candidates have to choose one section under these two sections.The successful candidates have to appear in Skill Test after the completion of Language Test. The detail information regarding the skill test will be published along with the result of EPS TOPIK.eps exam center eps exam date eps result

EPS Exam date

We can register for test by visiting Korean ambessay and  Korean culture  centres  administer or we can apply from affiliated  institutes with two passport size photo and registration fee varies to different countries. The procedure to check exam date are :

  • To check exam date first we should visit its official site www.eps.go.kr
  • Here we can find the test date and as well well as other information about EPS exam
  • The registration may varies from country to country you should check  according to which country you belongs to
  • According to the date you can prepare for your exam before you have to register a form in order to attend the exam.

Prepare EPS Exam / Register EPS Exam

In order to prepare for exam or register the form of EPS exam the candidate must complete the higher education level, and he /she must have passed or learn Korean language first  from the affiliated institutions. Without these things the candidate are not eligible to fill up the EPS exam form. As after passing the EPS exam the person can work legally in korea.

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