EPS Nepal Flight List, EPS Nepal Flight Schedule

Flight Schedule for EPS for this month. Get Your Departure Date to Korea.


Flight Schedule 2069-06-01

Flight Schedule 2069-06-08


Notice: तोकिएको मिति र समयमा कार्य नगर्ने कामदारहरूको सम्पूर्ण प्रकृया रद्द हुनसक्ने ब्यहोरा समेत जानकारी गराइन्छ । HRD Korea  बाट उडान तालिका जुनसुकै समयमा पनि परिवर्तन हुन सक्ने छ ।

New update:

Government is involved in all the process of employment. It is legal stay of up to three years with a valid labour contract. There is protection of rights and interest of foreign workers applied as equally as to Korean counterparts based on the standard labour law. “Act on Employment of foreign workers, 2003” was legislated by the Government of Korea, which introduces the employment permit system for migrant worker. According to the Act, business that has failed to recruit domestic human resources will be allowed legally to hire migrant workers from the sending country. In 2004, the Government of Republic of Korea decided to implement the employment permit system which treats as equal as native labour. Industrial Trainee scheme was decided to abolish in 2005. Foreign worker, working under this system requires to enter into EPS. Nepal Government is also going to enter into EPS to send workers to Korea, In this regard, an agreement (Memorandum of Understanding, MOU) have been signed between two countries at minister level on 23rd July, 2007. Five thousands workers are expected to send to Korea under this system. For this purpose a separate working office (i.e. EPS Desk) under the DOLEP has been established for smooth implementation.


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