Facebook Advertising in Nepal, Show Ads on Facebook in Nepal

It is surprising to see how targeted and cost effective advertising on Facebook is. The key to advertising on Facebook is to take advantage of the segment targeting that Facebook delivers.

Why Facebook Advertising is considered better than news-paper advertisement?

  • Reach more than 400 million active Facebook users and growing. If it were a population of country, it would be the third largest in the world behind China and India only.
  • Facebook allows advertisers to target audiences on basis of geography, gender, age, school, workplace, or interest.
  • Generate demand for your product with relevant ads
  • Form relationships with your target market with the targeting abilities of Facebook advertising
  • Only reach the users you want to reach by specifying: Country, State, City, Gender, Age, Interest keyword, And more!
Why Facebook Advertising is best in Nepali Market?
  • More than 2340431 Facebook users are from Nepal and is the number growing daily.
How to Advertise on Facebook by Nepali?
  • Many of the people want to display advertisement in Facebook but due to the Nepal foreign transaction policy they are unable to do so. Facebook accepts payment from Credit Card/ Debit Cards Payment System which is not suitable in the context of Nepalese Businesses as paying US Dollars is controlled by the Financial Authority and hence it is hard to afford. So, we provide service that people can pay us in Nepali Rupees and they can easily display their ad in the Facebook, the biggest and fast growing Social Networking Site. We can assist you in taking Facebook advertising advantage right from Nepal without getting worried.


What we do and How?

  • Collect and manage targeted audiences on basis of your choice.
  • create relevant Facebook pages and setup ads
  • Create campaigns and manage the ads
  • Managing ads to fit your budget
  • Full Reports
  • Facebook Advertisement
  • Facebook Brand Page Creations

Contact us and talk with a representative in detail about Facebook Advertising.


How Can I pay for Facebook Advertising in Nepal? 

  • You can pay us in Nepalese Rupees via your convenient means (Internet Banking, Cash or esewa.com.np)
  •  Bank Deposit (Kist Bank, Nepal SBI Bank)
  • Through IME or Remit

Contact us and talk with a representative in detail about Facebook Advertising.


Sales and General Enquiries, Customer Support Email: [email protected]
Live Support- 

skype username– wapnepalonline

Facebook advertising is getting massive popularity these days due to its faster results than other media. Facebook is the most successful website in the world with up to trillion page views per day. That’s the reason why facebook ads are insanely effective. By understanding this niche requirement for business sector, Weblink Nepal provides reliable and promising Facebook Adverting Services in Nepal to help Nepalese business people to grow their business market. We have been providing online advertising services including Facebook marketing and Facebook ads optimization and many more. In fact, we aim to establish the brand in Social Media Advertising in Nepal.Facebook advertising is really a great way to increase audience on the social network and drive more engagement to your Facebook Page.


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