Facebook comes with new FACEBOOK HOME

Facebook is now trying to  approach to android users for more populartity and increase the advertisement revenue. This April(April 4,2013), Facebook announced HOME to some best selling Android devices. HTC-First is the first device which comes with the preinstalled Facebook Home. Some Samsung devices can get this feature as a download version.

Facebook Home has various features including Cover Feed, Chat Heads, and the new navigation, which Facebook calls “physics-based.” Cover Feed is like News Feed but an expanded scrolling version so that each photo or status update takes up the full screen of the phone. Chat Heads are a new way of messaging (through Facebook Messages or SMS) that are accessible even when using other apps.

This shows that facebook is attempting to re-think the mobile experience,but could it be the success?

New update:

The biggest part of the new home page is your improved News Feed, or the stream of content that’s most relevant to you. The stream lets you know what’s happening right now in your world by showing you everything your friends and other connections, such as celebrities, athletes and politicians, are sharing. The stream also makes it simple for you to comment on content and participate in conversations in real-time.


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