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Facebook is a social media website, very popular among scholars. It was initially developed for individuals, personnel and social, but has since extended to include everyone, such as school, corporate and geographical areas.

The name of the site is based on the paper facebooks that institutions give to inbound learners, personnel, and personnel illustrating members of the university community.

Facebook Schedule is a extreme new information page (timeline) design that Facebook released timeline around the end of Sept 2011. It was declared by Level Zuckerberg at Facebook’s F8 meeting following an release from SNL’s Andrew Samberg.

Facebook Schedule changes the standard information from a list of your most recent up-dates to a complete conclusion of your entire lifestyle since birth. It contains images, video clips, position up-dates and destinations you have frequented. The new Facebook timeline is separated into two main content, with a line down the middle comprising the passing of time. Users are motivated to add lifestyle events which were not taken by Facebook, particularly those that took place before the person registered Facebook.

New update:

Timeline uses an formula to determine the most important times of your lifestyle, which can then be modified to your fulfillment. Undesirable up-dates can be invisible from the Schedule.

Use Facebook in Nepali :

Facebook has lately released assistance for Nepali terminology. Adhere to the actions below to use Myspace in Nepali:
1. Go to Setting (Top right area, next to your name)
2. Go to Account Settings
3. Press on the Language tab
4. From the fall down selection next to Main Language select नेपाली. (You might have to search all the way to the bottom)


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