Firebird- First Mobile web Browser of Nepal

Calender, games, other useful apps and now Nepalese developers have made a fully functional fast android web browser too, a thing to be very proud of.
Developed by prbstudios, lead by Prabin Bhusal, a computer engineering student in his first year of bachelor’s in Kantipur Engineering College, firebird is an experience on its own. Based on the new material design, the fancy-looking browser is also a very fast one as it utilizes a different mechanism.
*for tech-enthusiasts* – Instead of stock’s browser rendering engine, firebird uses web rendering engine provided by google which is built in android OS.
Whether you’re carrying a big tablet or a fancy sleek phone, the browser fits in like it was made just for you device changing its theme to the website you open so that you can feel the true color of the website as they are supposed to, its new and not on other browsers!
The graphics is carefully chosen so the simplistic design spares you the subtle pain of all the settings buttons and the grey-and-white interfaces shoved into the screen ruthlessly. Simply put, it’s simply beautiful to look at.
And with a wide variety of settings and modes like night mode, reader mode, and other interesting and settings, the browser makes you forget about the others!

“Firebird” First Mobile web Browser of Nepal

firebird web browser
After more than five months of dedicated hard work in a single room and an average laptop, and principally a single person developing this app day by day, cutting and adding and refining every little detail there is, this app is now a reality .And believe the fact that it’s a dream come true, in using it too.
The hardworking developers are always looking out actively for bugs to remove and make the app better with every update. Users’ advices are kept under microscope so as soon as a user writes about it in the google play review or to them directly, the problem is bound to be solved in the next update.
And to the developer inside you, yes you the one reading this post right now, the developer inside you that wants to come out, it is possible! See, I wasn’t a top-class paid professional programmer. I was just like you, and all that brought me here is the passion and drive. If you’re thirsty, you’ll quench your thirst, be it by collecting dews!
So, make it happen and right now. Who knows what could happen tomorrow.
Experience the firebird :

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