Flood in Darchula Mahakali River (photos)

Darchula is in serious condition right now. Lets pray together for not to occur more disaster over there.

महाकाली को दार्चुला मा आतंक महाकाली को दार्चुला मा बिगत ३ देखी लगातार परी रहेको मुसले धारे पानी ले दार्चुला मा अरबौ को क्षति गरेको छ दार्चुला को मुटु खलंगा बजार मा दुई दर्जन भन्दा बढी घर बगाइ सकेको र जिल्ला का सरकारी कार्यलय हरु जिल्ला प्रहरी जिल्ला स्वास्थ जिल्ला भु सन्रक्षण अणी दुर संचार कार्यलाय एक दमै जोखिम अव्स्था मा साथै महाकाली सँग जोडीएका दर्जनौ गाउ बिस्थापित भएका र बिहान धाप गाबिस का एक जना माहिला ले पनि नदी ले बगाएको छ अहिले सम्म कै सबभन्दा ठुलो बाढि मानिन्छ अहिले पनि पानी को प्रभाव बददै गएको र त्यस माथि भारत ले धौली गंगा बाध खोल्ने सम्भावना छ बाध खुल्यो भने महाकाली किनार को बस्ती समुद्र मा बिलिन हुनेछ.

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Darchula Flood


Three days of incessant rain, Mahakali River has swept away a Dalit settlement area in the Darchula district headquarters of Khalanga. According to Bhojraj Joshi, a local journalist, the flood has put at risk the bridge over the river joining Nepal and India. With the water level touching the bridge, its operation has been temporarily stopped.

The raging flood is continuing to sweep away houses and government buildings. Likewise, several other houses built on the river bank from Bagabagad to Galfai are in peril due to the flood described as the biggest in the river in decades. “It is hard to say altogether how many houses were swept away,” Joshi said. “This is the biggest flood in the river I have seen in 30 years,” Joshi added. Police, army and locals have been working since Sunday night to rescue the stranded people to safety.

Meanwhile, a woman perished in the river Monday morning. Saraswati Raikhola, 30, of Dhap-5 was swept away by the river when she went to the river bank near her house to have a view of the swollen river. A search for the missing woman is underway, the Darchula district police office said.

With rains continually falling in hilly districts, the water flow in the river has suddenly risen in Kanchanpur. The water flow was recorded at 161,278 cusec on Monday at 6 am, up from 122,000 cusec measured Sunday night. Twenty-three people along with their vehicles were trapped in an island in the middle of the river. They had gone there to fetch pebbles and sands. Of them, nine have been rescued. Personnel from Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force are finding it hard to rescue them due to an increasing flow of water in the river.

News source: Republica

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