FRA Nepal Scholarships for MSc and PhD in forestry

FRA Nepal Scholarships for M.Sc. and Ph.D. Studies in Forestry


FRA Nepal Scholarships
Forest Resource Assessment in Nepal (FRA Nepal) Project is a bilateral co-operation between Governments of Nepal and Finland for five years (2010 – 2014) to conduct forest resource assessment over the entire country. Key objectives of FRA Nepal Project are: strengthening institutional capacity building, maintaining forestry sector information systems, collecting data of all forest based resources and data sharing among forestry organizations. Climate Change and REDD are gaining more importance and they demand updated forest cover map and fresh data on forest, biomass and soils. National level baseline data collection is carried out by using Remote Sensing technology and ground based sampling.
FRA Nepal Project is implemented under the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation (MFSC) and the Department of Forest Research and Survey (DFRS) is the executing organization. Department of Forest Research and Survey (DFRS) is the key department for FRA Nepal Project. Institutional capacity of DFRS was improved significantly during the last National Forest Inventory Project called Forest Resource Information System Project funded by the Finnish Government. Few staff of the department has been educated abroad. However, the available budget and number of persons allocated for required work is not sufficient. As a research institution, DFRS does not have a very strong track record in international publishing and owing FRA related research. There are no research activities carried out at Ph.D. level.

In this backdrop, the FRA Nepal Project will develop capacity of DFRS to lead all the forest information, monitoring and dissemination activities. As forest resource assessment process and information is not only a concern of one department in the Ministry, FRA Nepal Project will enhance institutional linkages among departments under the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation (MFSC). FRA Nepal Project has plan to provide scholarship to ten qualified staffs (five for Department of Forest Research and Survey, two for Department of Forest, one for Department of Soil and Watershed Management, one for Department of Plant Resources and one for Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation) for M.Sc. degrees and to three qualified staffs from Department of Forest Research and Survey for Ph.D. degrees during the project period (2010-2014 November).

Time Frame
The scholarships will be granted annually. The scholarship will be provided for two years in case of M.Sc. and for two years in case of Ph.D. scholarships. The Scheme for Scholarships is applicable from 2011 to November 2014 along the programme period of FRA Nepal Project and it could be extended only in exceptional cases.

Academic Institution
The scholarship will be awarded to candidates applying for M.Sc. and Ph. D. studies at Institute of Forestry and other relevant Universities or Institutes in Nepal such as Kathmandu University, Pokhara University and Colleges, Purbanchal University and Colleges. Priority will be given to forestry institutes/colleges located near to the operational areas of the FRA Nepal Project.


Telephone : 977 1 4226944, 977 1 4227547 P O Box: 23200 Email: [email protected] Fax : 977 1 4227583 Web site:

All candidates should fulfill the terms and conditions as per the prevailing Civil Service Act and Rules, 2050. Candidates must meet minimum requirement or criteria for seeking admission at institutes or colleges. Applicants already accepted for studies starting on 2011 are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to those candidates who already have been working in FRA Nepal Project.
Application documents
Application documents contain
– Informal Application Letter;
– Application Form completely filled up;
– Two Letters of Recommendation;
– Past academic and working history in the mode of CV; and
– Reference materials as supporting documents.
Application documents are available at the Office of FRA Nepal Project (Babarmahal, Kathmandu) or via email upon request (email-address: [email protected])
Schedule for applications
The schedule for applying scholarships and seeking admission to academic institutions is such that first the candidate is applying a scholarship, and if accepted, he/she will apply to the academic institution(s) that provide their planned studies.

Notification and communication
FRA Nepal Project and DFRS will issue a Scholarship Announcement through the concerned departments. The potential candidates of the Departments could submit their application to the DG of the concerned department for planned studies. Selection Process In case of M. Sc., the applications of candidates recommended by the concerned departments will be evaluated by the FRA Evaluation Team (Director General, Deputy Director General and National Project Coordinator as representatives of the DFRS and Chief Technical Advisor of FRA Nepal Project). The FRA Evaluation Team will prepare a proposal to be presented in the PSC for final recommendation, and the selection will be finalized by the Secretary of MFSC on the basis of recommendation of the PSC.
In the case of Ph.D., FRA Nepal Project will form a Selection Committee for the short listing (screening) of the candidates for Ph. D. studies and making the final decision. The Evaluation
Committee of IoF will contribute to the evaluation process. The Selection Committee will consist of seven members:
– Chief of Human Resources Division (MFSC),
– DG (DFRS),
– Representative from Finnish Embassy,

Professor from Institute of Forestry,
– CTA (FRA Nepal) and
– NPC as Member Secretary of the committee.
The following procedure will be followed for the selection of Ph. D. candidates:
? Call for application including Rules for Scholarships (Announcement)
? Evaluation of the candidate’s application and preparing priority order (FRA Evaluation Team)
? Request for Proposal(s) according to Priority Order
? Proposal(s) to have Ph.D.-studies in IoF will evaluated by the Evaluation Committee of IoF
? Proposals for other academic institutions will be evaluated by the Selection Committee
? Scoring of academic records as per rule of Government of Nepal
? Decision for scholarships based on evaluations will be made by the Selection Committee
The Selection Committee will prepare the scoring criteria.
Target and Coverage of Scholarship:
In case of M.Sc.
There are available ten scholarships to conduct studies in academic institutions in Nepal.
? Tuition fee and capitation fee based on Institute tariff.
? Monthly living cost (to support food, accommodation, books, stationery, transportation etc.)
of 200 euro per month for 24 months in Nepal.
? Field cost for thesis work based on availability in the budget.
? In case the duration of the study is lengthened beyond 24 months, no cost will be given for extended period.
In case of Ph.D.
There are available three scholarships to be used in academic institutions in Nepal.
? Tuition fee and capitation fee based on Institute tariff.
? Monthly living cost (to support food, accommodation, books, stationery, transportation etc.) of 250 euro per month for 24 months in Nepal.
? Field cost for Ph. D. thesis work or research work based on availability in the budget (analysis and other tests)
? In case the duration of the study is lengthened beyond 24 months, no cost will be given for extended period.
Condition of Termination:
? Evidence of violation of code of conduct of the Institute that has resulted in rejection from the institute.
? Non fulfillment of the minimum criteria/requirements of academic performance of the respective institutions per each academic year.


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