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free mastercard in nepal


Mastercard in Nepal Free at your home

First, if you wish to have Free MasterCard begin submitting a form with a clear address of yours where you can receive letters. Payoneer Mastercard is sent through Post Office. Submit each detail clearly. After you receive Mastercard in Nepal you can easily activate it and use it anywhere in this world. Plus point is that you can use this MasterCard for Paypal Verify too.

You will receive your Payoneer Mastercard as below in an envelope.

mastercard in nepal

 BONUS 25$ for Using Card

Remember, you will get a bonus of 25$ after completing the successful transaction of 100$ only when you sign up through here!

Apply for MasterCard in Nepal

You must enter correct format of your address. The postal system in Nepal is slow and if you write incorrectly, no one will search you for providing your letter.

Your Name
Your House Number
Your Street Address
Your Location Name
Your City, Your State
Your Postal code or Zip Code
Your Country

Payoneer gives you $25 bonus for free. Payoneer card is fully verified, safe and the best master card that works worldwide.


Frequently asked questions?

  1. Can I buy goods with this Nepal Mastercard?
    yes, it works worldwide not only in Nepal.
  2. Can I use PO BOX number when receiving a card?
    Yes, it is the best way to get MasterCard in time for Nepal. If you do not have PO Box number, it will be good if you enter your phone number on your address. If you are lucky like my friend, some postman can call you.

There are charges associated with Payoneer. It cost $30 for a year. It is taken as a maintenance fee. For the first year, they provide the bonus of $25 which is similar to welcome bonus. If you do not receive your card within 2 months, you can request for your card again. You can contact them anytime from their support page.

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