Free Wi-Fi and Hotspots in Kathmandu

Group Wapnepal exercised this weeks time to discover some really no cost Wi-Fi relationship in the area, while customers outside Kathmandu also have published us about option no cost Wi-Fi on certain community.

Initially we were worried whether to involve the world wide web access given for no cost in accommodations, dining establishments, and cafes (as no cost Wi-Fi and Locations – though the cost is per-included in the freezing drinks…); later some of Wapnepal’s facebook buddies recommended though few it is good to involve really awesome record of some operating and no cost Wi-Fi relationships in the area.

Free Wi-Fi and Hotspots in Kathmandu 1

 >Broadlink WIFI

>Broadlink Thasikhel

 >Broadlink Bhanimandal

 >Broadlink Pulchowk


>Broadlink Patan

If you want to add your no cost Wi-Fi or high speed internet list to this web page, just create to us or thoughts on the type below.

If you think we should record the name of dining offices, Hotels and accommodations which offer no cost Wi-Fi in Kathmandu and other locations inNepal, please tell us and help us with the name you validate about.

The The tallest mountain Resort – Eastern, Western Resort WiFi

Mercantile Devices WiFi at TIA

Free Public WiFi



Pokhara Internet_Barahi Resort WiFi (powerful WiFi variety inLakeside)


Mercantile Online WiFi

New update:

Here are the list of some Free Wi-Fi connections in kathmandu Valley.

  • Broadlink WIFI
  • Broadlink Thasikhel
  • Broadlink Bhanimandal
  • Broadlink Pulchowk
  • gispl
  • Broadlink Patan

Free Wi-Fi connections in Pokhara Valley

  • broadlink lakeside

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