Free WiFi in Pokhara (Free Internet in Pokhara)

Free Internet (wifi) in 3 places of Pokhara from Now. Unlimited internet access, Unlimited download and feel free internet in Pokhara Valley.

Free Wi-Fi in Pokhara

  • Airport Area
  • Lakeside
  • Bindabasini Temple

This mission has been started to complete it by this financial year itself. Currently, you can enjoy free internet around airport area of pokhara.

This mission is started by CAAN.

New update:

Free wifi is distributed now a days in some place of Nepal for the people specially in tourism area for easy access. In Kathmandu specially in thamel area and in pokhara lakeside where many tourist visit. Internet is needed for all the people. They have provided internet for free. NTC and broad link had provided free internet service in some of the place in Kathmandu and Pokhara valley in tourism area. They are advertising and informing about the place where they can use internet. There is no free wifi in all of the place. If they provide free wifi in all of the areas than the development of the country would increase. People cannot use free wifi in all of the place. Wifi is distributed only in urban area. They should spray wifi in rural area also for the development of rural area. Some internet provider had provided internet only near their organization. Internet are frees in hotels and cafés also.They had made the world smaller. Nepal Wireless Networking Project has already wirelessly connected seven remote mountain villages to the Internet, with plans to network twenty-one villages in all. Only few people get news from internet in rural area due to lack of wifi. Internet service provider should provide internet in rural area for the development of communication system.

If you find free wi-fi connections in your area just comment below.

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