Friendship SMS collection!

  • If i get ur Smile, I dont need Flowers,If i get ur Voice, I dont need Music, If u speack to me, I dont need anybody else,U just b my Friend, I dont need the… 


  • Have a “HEART” that never breaks, Have a”SMILE” that never fades, HAve a touch that never Hurts, Have a “FRIENDSHIP” that… 


  • True friendship never fades with Time:), become more tasteful like old Wine:)), only a friend can understand words and convert the rolling tears into a Smile!


  • MY friendship is just like a rubber band, It is too flexible, Stretch it as much as u can, but if u leave it,it ‘ll hurt u a lot, really a lot! 


  •  Freindship happens inside the heart, Slient.. Unwritten.. Unnbreakable by distance..Unchangeable by time.. Once a Friend, always a Freind.! 


  •  A raindrop may luk 2 small 2 eyes but sumwhere a thirsty flower await its fall. A sms may seem 2 small but sumwhere a heart remembers u when it…


  •  I have open n emotional bank account in my heart. Plz deposit ur FRIENDSHIP in it. I make u sure that U will receive interest as long as I am live 


  •  The times we shared is like shooting star… the time is short but really beautiful moments…. Forever engraved in our hearts…. Friends forever~!
  • Not the lack of love, but the lack of friendship makes marriages unhappy.


  • When u r alone..when u r crying..when u r upset..when u r sad..just make a call to me..bcoz i need someone to talk to me.. 


  •  Som frenz r seprated by time, some by difference, som by distance, som by pride, But no matter how far u r & how busy we may b, u’ll always b a spl…  


  • Stars have 5 ends, squares have 4 ends, triangles have 3 ends, lines have 2 ends, life has 1 end, but I hope our friendship has no end. 
  • A gift of jewellery is expensive,a gift of money is precious,a gift of roses is lovely but there’s no greater gift than having a friend like you. 


  • I wish I could be a dove to bring you peace,a cupid to bring you love,an angel to bring you a miracle but am just a friend and hope that it brings you… 


  •  To forget you is hard to do and to forget me is up to you. Forget me not, forget me never. Forget this text, but not the sender.


  •  Words begin with ABC. Numbers begin with 123. Music begins with do, re, mi. And friendship begins with you and me! 
  • “Friends are like stars… you don’t see them all the time, but you know they’re there!!” 


  •  Ur a friend with a heart of gold.. How much U mean 2me can neva b told.. Ur sum1 2b talked about, so sweet n true, 1 in a million dats YOU.. 


  • I dropped a tear in the ocean while thinking of you. And I promised to be your friend till I find it…. Now do you know how long i need your friendship.? 


  • “Some folks r like pages in d book of life…every page is wid different subject, bt U R my INDEX page covering n guiding every subject…..:) 


  • Not every bird can dance, but peacock did that. Not every flower can represent LUV, but Rose did that. Not every Friend can reach up to HEART, but u did. 


  •  Ur validity of being my friend is going 2 b expired today, plz recharge ur friendship immidetly by delivering 4-5 sweet & cool msgs.


  •  Destiny decide who u meet in life but it is ur heart that can decide who gets stay in ur life………. 


  •  Morning Time-A cup of hot hello,A plate of crispy wishes,a spoon of sweet smiles & a slice of great success specially for u….. 


  • A lucky star dropped on earth one night.. it asked me.. what did i want, a million dollar or a TRUE FRIEND?? I had to choose a million dollar coz I… 


  •  Friendship iz not a rhyme 2 say , Friendship iz not a game to play , Friendship iz not a thing to buy not a drop to dry , Friendship can not be taught or… 


  •  One day FRIENDSHIP and LOVE met LOVE asked:why do u exist if i already exist? FRIENDSHIP replied:2 put a SMILE when u leave TEARS. . 


  •  Painting is a feelin, Never spoil it. Face is a book, try 2 read it. Love is precious, B ready 2 sacrifice for it & Friendship is like a mirror never… 


  •  A true friend is a friend who see the first tear, Catch the second and stops the third….  

New update:

To live a life i need a heartbeat,
2 have a heartbeat i need a heart,
2 have a heart i need happiness,
2 have happiness i need a friend
4 a friend i need U.


Our friendship is like a special rose that
Never withers away…Even when we’re
not together… You are always in my HEART.


Birth is start of life, Beauty is art of life, love is part of life, Death is last of life, But FRIENDSHIP is heart of life…


Happiness kill hungry,
Sadness kill peace,
Faith kill enemy,
Friends kill your stress.


We met a few years ago.
Our friendship has grown stronger than ever.
We’re still friends now.
And will be best friends forever!


Every life in this world is
written by god’s own hands,
That’s why I am thankful to god,
Because he wrote my life,
& included YOU as
A beautiful Friend like a Angle part of my life..!!


In friendship all the pains are beautifull moments if u have good friend, just like clouds,it melts when cool air touches.


Friendship is not about who you spend the most time with, it’s about who you have the best time with!


It Is Easy To Earn,
Friendship Is Hard To Get;
Wealthy Depreciates Everyday
But Our Friendship Will Ever Appreciate And Be There Forever


As precious as u r to me,
As precious no one can ever be,
I know friends r hard to choose,
But u r a friend I never want to lose


Being ur friend is my gift.
Missing U is my bad luck.
Disturbing U with SMS is my way of thinking u.
but keeping our friendship is my aim.!


A daily thought…
A silent tear…
A Constant wish that u r near…
Words are few but thoughts r deep…
Memories of our friendship i’ll always keep!!


1 Injection of Trust,
1 Tablet of care,
1 Syrup of attention,
1 Drip of understanding,
take 3 times a day! Its all necessary 4 the health of our FRNDSHIP!


A smile is a sign of joy;
A hug is a sign of love;
A laugh is a sign of happiness;
And a friend like me, well – that’s a sign of good taste!


Friends R Like Delicate Flower?
They Dry Not Die..
However I M Cactus I Will Be
Poking U So That U Will Remember Me?.
LifE iS 5 stAr
M?thEr iZ tOp stAr . . .*
FathEr ?? King st?R. *
TeAchEr?Z ultim?tE st?r
* * >
L?vE is Acti?n st?r. . .*/*
But ? fRNd iZ thE


Birth is start of life;
Beauty is art of life;
Love is part of life;
Death is last of life;
But FRIENDSHIP is heart of life!


When u rise up,
Your friend know who you are.
When you fall down,
You know who your friend are.

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