Friendship Sms, friendship status for facebook

Friendship Sms, friendship status for facebook

  • Following status can be best for sharing on facebook, for sending sms to friends.
  • You are the best surgeon in the world, because you made a place in my heart without cutting and spilling blood. I am lucky to have such a good friend like you.
  • No word is as beautiful as friend and no friend is as nice as you, friend is sweet when its new it’s sweeter when its true, it’s sweetest when its you.
  • No life without love, no answer without question, no rain without cloud, no friendship without you.
  • Think about yourself at least once in your lifetime, otherwise you may miss the best friend in this world.
  • Attraction happens many times, friendship happens sometimes, marriage may happen one time but, a good partner like you happens once in a life time.
  • It’s difficult to find some one like you. It’s like opening a 1000 shell sunder the sea to find one pearls, but finding a lovely friend like you make the life worth.
  • Carry a heart that never hates, carry a smile that never fades, carry a touch that never hurts and always carry a friendship that never ends.
  • I cant really choose people who come into my life, but I can always choose those who should stay, because I know they are worth, just like you my friend.
  • Pain of missing friends is realized when you are alone watching a gang of friends enjoying in front of you, and you remembering the par which you spent with your friends.
  • A lovely friendship should have the determination of mirror which never loses its ability to reflect even its broken into thousand pieces.

A two year old child was trying to write.
Father: son what are you doing?
Son: writing to my friend.
Father: do you know how to write.
Son: no, so what dad? My friend doesn’t know to read. That’s friendship.

  • Tears of eyes are valuable, speeches of lips are powerful, heart with love is beautiful, life with friend like you is more meaningful.
  • Friendship is wonderful relation who needs nothing in this world expect two pure hearts to share, play, enjoy, fight, support and to live.
  • Once the sun asked me, your friend is not message are calling you, then why don’t you leave your friend I looked back at the sun and said can you leave your sky.
  • A one heart talk with another heart is affection, one heart lives with in another heart is love, two heart made like one heart is friendship.
  • Deep friendship is like a rainbow, when perfect amount of happiness and tears are mixed, the result is a colorful bridge between two hears.
  • When you rise up, your friends know who you are, when you fall down, you know who your friends are.
  • Friends are the best calculators. They help to add joy, subtract fear, multiply happiness and divide sorrow.
  • Making friends is not about collecting pearls or gold, it’s about accepting one as coal and wait till the warmth of friendship turns it to diamond.
  • We can never say how our friendship would go. All I know is even if we are miles apart, you will remain one of the sweetest pieces of puzzles completing my life.
  • Friendship dust not get stronger by meetings, but it’s sweetened by thoughts, I care for you in my own way, may be you will never know may be I will never show.
  • You know what is the best thing in our relationship? It’s the first word of this msg.
  • Your heart is beautiful garden and my friendship is a small rose in your garden, please do not pluck that rose for any reason.
  • Knowing a friend like you has made me happy in a million ways and if I ever have a reason to let you go you will find million of reasons to make you stay.
  • A sweetest friend is like a pillow, when you are tried you sleep on it, when you are sad you drop tears on it, when you are angry you punch it, and when you are happy you hug it.
  • Keep the lamp of friendship burning with oil of love because sun rises in east and we can sets in west, but friendship rises in the heart and sets after death.
  • My heart has a condition in that no one has permission, Only you have admission without any donation just maintain relation.
  • Pure friendship never cares for money, beauty, richness, familiarity, education, employed; it only wants a caring for a crying heart.
  • Love is beautiful because it’s a feelings controlled by heart, but friendship is above that because its feelings that controls the heart.
  • You know what is the best thing in our relationship? It’s the first word of this msg.
  • When I walk alone, I wish you to reach the end of the road, but when you walk with me, I wish the road never ends. Be with me forever.
  • How friendship breaks? Both friends will think, the other is busy and will not contact thinking it may be disturbing. As time passes both will think let the other contact after that each will think why I should contact first? Here your love will convert to hate. Finally without contact the memory become weak, they forget each other.
  • When god opened the window of the heaven he asked me: what is your wish for today? I said: please take special care of the person reading this.
  • Care is what I can offer to you, peace is what I wish for you, happiness is what I gift for you, but remembrance is what I need from you.
  • I like you but I am not your lover. I care you but I am not your mother. I help you but I am not your relation, but I do all the things because I am your friend.
  • Weekly one day holiday, monthly one day salary day, yearly one day birth day, lifely one day dearth day, but sharing your friendship is everyday.
  • You touched my life in a special way, much special than what I expected, though ii don’t know how special I am to you, but you are always special to me my dear.
  • Every failure is a lesson – learn well.
  • Every success is a battle – fight well.
  • Every friend is a jewel – keep it safe.
  • Time goes fast and life asks so much. No wonder friends get out of touch, but in heart, deep, unseen, friendship stays forever.
  • I took you as my good friend and I locked you in my heart, but now the key to open my heart is missing, so you are safe in my heart till my heart beats stop.
  • Dear friend beautiful life does not happen it’s built daily in prayer, humanity, sacrifice and love. May a beautiful life be yours always.
  • Friendship is not having a gang of people around you, instead its best to have one heart which is true, thinking of you and cares for you.
  • Pain of missing friends is not their absence, but it’s when you think of the good times you have shared and you asked yourself, will those moments ever happen again.
  • Friends are like crayons, they color our lives, I may not be your favorite color, but hope you will need me somewhere to complete your wonderful picture.
  • Friendship are not history to forget, not maths to calculate, not language to translate, it’s only the chemistry that reacts between hearts.
  • My friendship is like drugs once you take it, you can’t avoid it, when you didn’t get it, you are sick and when you lose it, you are destroyed, so don’t dare to forget me.
  • Memories are sweeter than meetings. How far away the person is, their memories will be so close, so love to miss the person whom you like the most.
  • I live by faith and whether you’re still the same, a cute little lovable and stupid friend of mine with no chances of improvement but still the best.
  • People says its difficult to get good friends. Naturally because the good ones like you are already mine and of course the best one like me are already yours.
  • Be slow in choosing a good person and much slower while loosing them, because friendship is not an opportunity. It’s a sweet responsibility.
  • Ever nice friend is a glimpse of god. Its one of life’s best blessings, a priceless gift that can never be brought, sold or forgotten, just like you.
  • Love is beautiful, because it’s a feelings controlled by the heart, but friendship is very beautiful because it’s a feelings that controls heart.
  • Never choose a friend without understanding and never loose a friend because of misunderstanding.
  • Friendship is a chemical. Its dilutes your sorrow, filters your mistakes and you will find crystals of love, joy and happiness.
  • You may miss me. You may even forget me, but one day if you want to see me, doesn’t search just see your shadow, I will always be there for you, as your friend
  • The unkind things that you do today may never be undone. The friendship that you fail to win, may never more is won.
  • A loving memory of a friend like you can never replace deep in my heart you will always stay freshly remembered everyday, Even if you forgot me.
  • Distance never separates any relation. Time never builds any relation, if feelings are true from heart. Then friends are always friends till life ends.
  • The one who hold your hand every time when you need support, is surely a good friends, but a best friends is one who hold your hand more tightly when you say leave me.
  • A loving memory of a friend like you can never be replaced. You are deep I my heart you will always stay freshly remembered everyday.

The pleasure of being with u is pleasurable. Even when you everyone on earth forgets you, remember here is one friend who forgets everyone to remember you.

Under the sky so blue, I meet someone so true. Now the world seems something new, someone very special among a few. I am really glad that good gifted me a sweet friend like you.

Deepavali is sound full. Pongal is sweet full. Holi is color full. Love is beautiful full, but friendship is power full.

Something in your smile speak to me something in your voice sings to me, something in your eyes says to me that’s you’re a dearest friend to me.

All flower cant express love but rose did it, all birds cant symbolise peace but dove did it, all friend cant reach my heart but you did it.

A loving memory of your smiling face, a friend like you can never be replaced, deep in my heart u will always stay freshly remembered everyday.

New update:

  • A small FRIENDSHIP poem: Dear O Dear, U R Not Near, But I Can Hear, Don’t Get Fear, Ur Memories Here, Live with Cheer, No more Tear, U R Always my Dear.!
  • Friendship is just like oxygen, no color, no shape, no place, no taste, but is still essential for living. I will be the OXYGEN for U.
  • No life without love, no answer without question, no rain without cloud, no friendship without you.
  • Every nice friend is gift of god. it’s one of life’s blessings, a priceless gift that never can be bought, sold, or forgotten. just like you.
  • I thought I am only your best friend, but behind u I found a big queue. I tried to complain god. But he was also in the queue! How sweet you are.
  • Keep the lamps of friendship burning with the oil of love, bcoz sun rises in the east and sets in the west but friendship rises in the heart and sets after death
  • Can two humans live with the single breathe. Yes. When a child is inside his mother and when a friend like you is inside my lovable heart.
  • A lover is like a moon and friends are like stars. The sky can look beautiful without moon. But, not without stars. Take care my STAR.
  • God gifted a home for me it’s very calm. It’s beautiful. It’s lovely. It’s friendly. “Yes” it’s ur “heart” my dear friend.
  • Long love is mothers love.!! Short love is others love.!! Sweet love is lovers love.!! But strong love is friendship love.!!
  • When time is fast. When memories are hard. When everyone is busy. When seconds are few. My sms says that one of Ur friend is still remembering u.
  • Words can’t express how I feel for u. I can’t explain why the sky is blue. But I know my heart is true when I say I am lucky to have a friend like u.
  • “Some say friendship is love. some say friendship is life. but I say friendship is just friendship which is above love and life”.
  • I love my heart and brain. Because brain contains our sweet memories and my hearts contains full of my sweet friends like u.
  • ‘Be slow in choosing a friend and never lose them” because friendship is not an opportunity. It’s a sweet responsibility.
  • The value of the friend in our life is like the importance of our heartbeats, though it is not visible, it silently lends u a gift called life.
  • Sweet roses are easy to catch. sweet words are easy to speak. but sweet friend are to get. but i am good luck, I got your friendship.
  • Our life is long time! We meet for short time! But. you will be in my mind at any time! My sweet friend. And I am missing you this time.
  • Fan is replaced by cooler, lover is replaced by wife, radio is replaced by TV, but there is no other option to replace true friends like you.
  • Far away but always near, I hold your relationship very clear. ever together but never apart, u will always be in my heart, as my dear friend.!
  • Heath receiving feelings. Mind receives wisdom. Hands receive gifts, but only a special friend receives my sms.
  • A friend is a foundation of love. Love is an organization of life. Life is a distribution of feelings. Feelings are the constructions of friendship.
  • One fine day all of us will get busy with our lives long working hours, no more mettings frd frequently and sms wont have time 4 oueselves at such a day u will look outside ur window and see the good old memories flash you by and you’ll get a smile with tears in your eyes and u will turn back 2 ur work thinkin i wish i could go back this message is dedicated to all my frd who friend who helped to create such memories.
  • One heart talking with another heart is affection. One heart living with another heart is love. Two hearts made like one heart is friendship.


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