How to make website? How to Make Forum?

Here is the full process on How to make your OWN Forum , 100% Free , Instant + With pictures, emotions included !!

Hi friends, here is a tutorial on how to make a forum !

Okay so we will need:

Any Type of forum script:
There are many free forum scripts but these are best



So firstly you need a host, in this tut we are going to use, which is a free hosting.

Firstly create an account and activate it using your email. After that Log In and click Go to CPanel

Okay, now start up FileZilla.

After you started filezilla go to your host and click View FTP Details

Now you will see stuff like this:
FTP host name
FTP user name a6266182
FTP password *use your password*
Folder to upload files public_html
Forgot FTP password? Change account password
Recommended FTP clients SmartFTP or FileZilla

Now, on FileZilla on the first box type your FTP host name on User Name put your username and on Password put your password and on port leave it blank.

Now click Quick Connect

Now double click the public_html folder and you will see a thing named “default.php” DELETE IT

Okay … After you deleted it, extraxt the files you downloaded and take them with mouse and put them in public_html folder in ur host.

It will take some time…

btw its important that you look at the tabs at the bottom of filezilla, there are:

Queued Files
Failed transfers
Succesful transfers

After the transfer is complete its important to check the FAILED transfers tab , if there is any file that failed to transfer you will have to transfer it again to the right directory

Now.. Before you close file zilla change the chmod to 777 on the following files:

(o) myBBfolder/upload/inc/config.default.php
(o) inc/config.php
(o) inc/settings.php
(o) cache/ (the folder)
(o) uploads/ (the folder)
(o) uploads/avatars/ (the folder)

You can change the chmod by right clicking on the file and clicking File Premissions, on the box you will see three x’es like this xxx , change the xxx to 777 and it will work

Okay now , for setting up your forum we need to go to

you will see instalation page if not you have done something wrong otherwise you have to do it all from the begining

Okay now do everything what it says [Just click next], on the 3rd page it will show you which files are writeable and which not .. YOU NEED TO MAKE THEM ALL WRITEABLE

Okay when u made all of them writeable it should say that all are writeable with green letters

Okay now click Next

Okay now we need to get back to 000webhost control panel. Now at the control panel scroll down and you will see a mySQL button, click on it

Now , you will be at mySQL page

Seeing something like this:
MySQL database name: a6266182_
MySQL user name: a6266182_
Password for MySQL user:
Enter password again:

Okay, make the Database name, username, password anything you want, btw dont close the page after you make em

Okay.. Now back at the myBB installation,

At the first box where it says:

Database Server Hostname:
Put the name you made on the mySQL page..

At the username put “a6266182_YOURUSERNAME”

At the password put “The password you had”

At the database name put “the name you did on mysql”

Okay.. now just click Next Next Next Next until you get the page named:

Board Configuration

Now here is everything OK except the 3rd box, on there you need to put

and click NEXT

Now you will be at the page named:

Create Administrator Account

Okay now set your username and password you want for your admin account

Now you will get the page:

Finish Setup


Go to and … you got ready to see ur site..!!

Go to FileZilla and delete the Install Folder and…

You should get something like this:

thats it You just got your own forum..!!

New update:

How to Make a Website – Step by Step Guide

Are you looking to make your own website? but lost somewhere and didn’t find the right path? have big questions how to make your own website without the knowledge of web designing?

Here’s how you can create your own website without having advance knowledge of web designing.

By the time you’ve finished reading this tutorial on how to make a website, you’ll be able to set up your own website and you will be running it in the next few hours.

The Basics

First you got to understand the basics. If you are unfamiliar with the magical words like domain name and web hosting, let’s get clear. Domain name is the name that is identical to your website. It is the primary address of your site, also called this URL ( it acts like your mail address. Just like having a unique address for your home, a website should have a unique domain name so people can see your website on the internet. So what is web hosting? To be seen your website on the internet, it should be hosted on the internet. Hosting services allow you to put your website contents on their servers (web space). Once you completed domain name registration and web hosting service (we will show you where to find the best deals), we will be using a powerful free CMS platform called WordPress to build a professional website.

By following these few steps, you’ll be able to see your site running on the internet in less than an hour.

Let’s get started!

Step one – Register a Domain Name

Step Two – Set Up the Web Hosting

Step Three – Connecting Your Domain Name to Your Web Host

Step Four – Install WordPress




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