Funny Nepali jokes that makes mind fresh

From childhood to old age, we hear millions of funny Nepali Jokes. They have been part of our life and most important of all, they have been working as medicine for making our moods. The jokes make us feel fresh from all the toilsome works and bring laughter helping us overcome gloomy mood. Jokes are really funny. They don’t cover new things rather add spice to common issues and happenings of our daily life. This helps us feel and act differently.

Funny Nepali Jokes have also been used to bring social awareness. It is not better to point out mistakes of people directly so, jokes are used as satires. They are more used for politicians these days in order to point out their mistakes and all the unacceptable practices and activities they have been doing. Jokes are great for time pass. They are usually shared during leisure time but they have also been started being practiced as a category for talent shows and communication. With time, Jokes are also being modified and they have also been brought to skits making things more presentable. Jokes have been part of classrooms to make studies interesting, they are shared in cafes.

Funny Nepali Jokes online 

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Funny Nepali jokes cover wide range of topics and contents. They sometime mention about some groups, sometime about events but all these mean just for entertainment. They aren’t composed to hurt someone and should someone be affected, they are just by co-incidence. Jokes don’t say age and all types of people are found enjoying them. No matter which language they are in: Nepali or English, they entertain us a lot and make us laugh till out stomach starts aching and our mouths are exhausted.

Funny Nepali jokes makes mind fresh

Unlike other forms of writings, they are very informal and don’t need to be necessarily following any rules. However, funny Nepali jokes do use slang often. But there are also jokes with polite language. Listening to jokes make our day with lots of joy and laughter. They bring immense energy in us as they stimulate our body and we get over exhaustion. Laughing is good for health and jokes work as medicines bringing laughter and adding this health booster in us. Increase your good health listening to funny Nepali jokes on your daily life.


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