Funny Sms Messages

Funny Sms Messages

  • I have u ever thought while sleeping what if the fan breaks and falls on you, or the legs of your bed breaks, or there a lizard under your pillow or a green snake goes into your room or a cockroach goes into your mouth or a ghost catches your hand while closing the window.
  • My rules 1. I am always right. 2. Just in case I am wrong see rule number 1.
  • How will a terrorist’s son tell to his dad when he fails in his exam? Dad they questioned me for 3 hours, but I never told them anything.
  • Studies have shown that majority of college student suffer from intense pain of lower jaw. This is due to uncontrolled excessive yawning during lecture.
  • Once the great Alexander saw a small child playing with a lion. He surrendered his sword at the Childs feet. Now the child has grown up and sending you sms.
  • Whats gutz? Coming home late at night in friends bike and mom waiting outside with broomstick to beat. You ask, hi mummy are you still cleaning house?
  • Deep in a forest. Girl: if you try to kiss me, I will shout. Boy: but there is no one for miles from here? Girl: ya, I know nut I should do my formality.
  • On a rock near temple, it was written: god never fails, a college student write below it: ask him to write university exams.
  • A man says I love you to his girl friend and suddenly falls on the floor.
  • Girlfriend: what is this?
  • Man: I am falling in love.
  • A girl removed her jeans, threw at her boyfriend and said make me feel like your wife, boy also removed his jeans, threw at the girl and said wash both the jeans.
  • To be a good professional always start to study late for exams, because it teaches how to manage time and tackle emergencies.
  • Fools read my sms. Idiots forward my sms. Monkeys delete y sms. Donkeys save my sms. Mad people edit my sms. Beggars send it to me again.
  • Using steam power James watt invented steam engine. In India, using same steam power our grandmother invented idly. Think different, be Indian.
  • The night was dark, the moon was high, boy stopped his bike. girl asked him why he came close to her, she felt shy. He went near to her, he wanted to say something, but he thought she won’t believe it and finally told her those two words “no petrol”.
  • C- comes.
  • O- On.
  • L- Lets.
  • L- Love.
  • E- each.
  • G- girl.
  • E- Equally.
  • Yesterday I decided to commit suicide. I went near the railways track at the tome I felt my mobile vibrate, it was an msg from you, after I read it, I decide to live. You are really an inspiration for me. When useless people like you are still alive why I should I die.
  • Today is international handsome boys and beautiful girl’s day, so send this message to someone who looks smart and cute. Be true, don’t cheat like me.
  • Today a phone without wire is in fashion. One day will come when human without brain will be fashion. On that day dear you will rock.
  • How does a lazy person take bath? They stand in front of the mirror and throw the water on the mirror.
  • Women sitting on a park bench.
  • Beggar: hi darling lets have some fun.
  • Women angrily: how dare you.
  • Beggar: then what are you doing on my bed?

New update:

  • Police: are you married?
  • Man: yes I am married with girl.
  • Police: of course all will be married with girl.
  • Man: no, my sister marries with a boy.


  • A man once went to restaurant where slippers or shoes weren’t allowed. He was afraid that someone might steal his shoes so he left a notice. Don’t try to steal my shoes- boxing champion. When he came back he found his shoes missing. Instead there was a notice don’t try to catch me- campaign in running.
  • Non smoker: I hate cigarette.
  • Smoker: me too, that’s why I am burning it.
  • Who do you think is the laziest inventor of all times? It’s the guy who invented the snooze in an alarm.
  • Wife: I hate the beggar who came yesterday.
  • Husband: why?
  • Wife: I have him food yesterday and today he gifted me a book. How to cook.
  • If future, how do I identify your kids in a room? It’s simple. I will check who is erasing their notes, when teacher is cleaning the black board.
  • I want to share everything with you, your problem, your happy moments, and your sorrow. Every second of the day. Let’s start with your ATM password.
  • If we were born knowing everything. What would we do with all this time on the planet? Be proud to say. I don’t know.
  • A bird was disturbing a man all the time finally the man caught it and decides to kill it cruelly. He took it to the top of a building and dropped it.
  • There are two rules for success:
  • 1. never tell everything you know.
  • 2. I can’t say 2nd rule, because I am following 1st rule.

Three things should not be asked.

1. A man wage.

2. A woman age.

3. A student percentage. It’s really hurts.

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