General SMS Messages Collection

General SMS Messages Collection

  • I think my mobile is love with your sms, because it shouting and shaking when your sms comes; its face become bright and light starts glowing, so keep on messing.
  • Interesting fact: on Sep 11, at he day of twin tower attack, a guy working at 97th floor, didn’t go to office, instead he was with his girl friend far from city in star hotel. Known about accident his wife tried to his mobile many times, but it was switched off. Latter when he switched on his mobile, his wife called him asking how you are. Are you fine? For which the guy replied, are you crazy? I am busy working in my office this was 1st divorce filed after accident.

What is business?
Dad: you want to marry a girl of my choice.
Son: no!
Dad: the girl is bill gates daughter.
Son: ok. Dad goes to bill gates.
Dad: I want your daughter to marry my son.
Bill gates: no.
dad: my son is the CEO of the World Bank.
Bill gates: then ok.
Dad goes to the president of the World Bank.
Dad: appoint my son as the CEO of your bank.
President: no.
dad: he is the son-in-law of bill gates.
President: then ok.

  • THINK before you speak. T- Is it true? H- Will it help? I- is it inspiring. N- is it necessary. K-is it kind.
  • When a message is send from a distance, you can’t see the faces, you can’t see the smiles, but you can sense the care and love that truly come from heart
  • For all those who have lost their precious first love, here nice quotes: Single again, but now with experience.
  • Satisfy the person who expect from you rather than surprising the person who never expected anything from you.
  • I guess science doesn’t work everywhere because the time taken to love someone is never equal to the time taken to forget them.
  • The biggest suspense of life is: we know for whom we are praying. , but we never know the person who is praying for us.
  • A confusing and wonderful quote: trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone who you have never met.
  • A thoughtful thought. when someone tries to impress you it means he or she is already impressed by you.
  • Someday when the pages of my life end. I know that you will be its most beautiful chapter and if I ever get to read it again it will open from the page were I first met you.
  • Love is the first mistake of god. Women are the second mistake but both are beautiful mistakes.
  • A man silence can break a women’s heart into thousand pieces. While a women’s silence can give a man a thousand moments of peace.
  • Unbeautiful lines: there is nothing more painful than the person whom you love is lying on your shoulder crying for the person whom they love.
  • Who said open and close are opposite words? We are always open to the person whom we are close to isn’t it.
  • Love and death are two uninvited guests when they will come nobody knows but both do the same work one takes heart and the other takes its beat.
  • Life is a cricket don’t loose your wicket try to get centaury never forget your boundary even if you are run out never become mood out.
  • The heart never forgets those special people for whom it cares. Though daily struggle may pull up a bit apart, you are always remembered by this heart.
  • Its seeks compromise when we are wrong and it seeks judgment when others are wrong.
  • I think of you, you think of me. But only difference is when I think of you I send you a message, you think of me after receiving my message.
  • I can’t make someone love me, all I can do is being someone who can be loved, the rest is up to the person to realize my worth.
  • The value of tears is never understood when there’s always someone to wipe it for you, wishing you to always stay unaware of pain and tears.
  • Do you know why god created gap between fingers? Because one day a true person will come and fill those gap by holding your hands forever.
  • Your heart is peaceful garden. My relationship is beautiful rose in that garden. Don’t dry it, please give water (sms) daily.
  • The most painful moments of life comes, when your care is mistaken as disturbance.
  • Every single second gives you an opportunity to live, every hours has the power to change your fate. So don’t kill the time y worrying yourself.
  • Destiny decides u meet in your life, but it’s your heart which decides who stay in your life will. keep smiling.
  • Always refresh your mind, delete your mistakes, create your own dream, minimize your negative thoughts, maximize your target shut down your worries.
  • Life is similar to a tennis match. If u wants to win, u has to serve well and remember the match starts with “LOVE ALL”.
  • Everything in life is beautiful ending. If the ending is not a beautiful, then be sure it’s not the end.
  • ‘It seeks compromise when we are wrong and it seeks judgment when others are wrong.

New update:

  • Beauty and color may attract the eye. but, only a smile can catch the attention of the hearts. keep smiling.!
  • When god solves your problems, you has faith in his abilities. When he doesn’t solve your problems, he has faith in your abilities.
  • “If a problem can be solved, then there’s no need for worrying”. “If a problem can’t be solved, then what’s the use of worrying”!
  • “Memories are sweeter than meetings.” how far the person!! Their memories will be so close. So love to miss the person whom u likes more.
  • Cleverness is when you believe only half of what you hear, but brilliance is when you know which half to believe.
  • The most painful moments of life comes, when your care is mistaken as disturbance.
  • True fact the biggest pain in life is to sit just beside a person U love a lot and know the fact that the person can never be urs in this lifetime.
  • “The only person who has never made a mistake. will be the one who never tried anything new in his life time”.
  • The biggest loss in life- tears in someone eyes because of you. And the biggest achievement of life tears in someone’s eyes for you.
  • The single finger which wipes our tears during our failure is much better than the 10 fingers which comes together to clap for our victory.
  • Giving the 1st month salary to parents with care. Thinking your 1st love with tears. Looking old photos and smiling.4 thinking your past school and college days. Sweet and emotional chatting with friends.. finding money in old dress just when you needed. Holding hands with your loved ones for a walk. Getting a hug from one who cares you. 1st kiss to your child when born. The moments when you eyes are filled with tears.
  • Apologizing doesn’t means that you are wrong and the other is right, its only means that you value the relationship much more than ego.
  • What’s meaning NEWS PAPER? N- North. E- East W- West. S- South. P- Past. A- and. P- present. E- Events. R- Report.
  • People say never expect anything in return from anyone, but the truth is when we really love someone, we naturally expect a little care from them.
  • Words are under your control until speaking them, but you come under their control once you have spoken them.
  • When we read an emotional message, we never think of the person who has sent the message but we always think of the person whom we love the most.


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