Google Adsense Pin Verification in Nepal

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Google Adsense is a best program for collecting revenue for webmasters. Webmasters, bloggers can earn good money for a good content. It is estimated around 5 thousand bloggers are from Nepal who are earning money from Adsense. This number is increasing day by day.

After earning $10 in Adsense account, Google Adsense sends a PIN to your home address which you have provided during account registration for verification purpose which is also called Google Adsense Pin Verification in Nepal.

Due to slow postal service in Nepal, it is much more slower getting PIN. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. Sometimes, PIN get lost and you may not receive it. Having a Post Box Number, there will be petty more chances for getting PIN. Previously, having Post Box Number in post office, PIN used to be received within 45 days. These days it has been more difficult to receive PIN in 45 days. It may take longer.

Google does not have Google office in Nepal. So, you can not personally go and verify your account. You need to workout few steps to get verified. We have mentioned step by step procedure for Nepali Adsense verification.

You need not worry if you do not receive PIN. If you do not get PIN and you are in worry, we are going to share a alternative way of verifying PIN for your help.

Solving PIN problem in Google Adsense

Sometimes, you do not receive PIN in your hands for 3 months. You can re-issue Adsense PIN for three times and after that Google Adsense requests for government verified document in which your name and address is clear.

Conclusion: You can verify your pin via government issued id after you request your pin for three times. I just verified mine, just some minutes adsense pin in nepal

After sending your government issued document to Google, Google verifies your address seeing your document and you will receive a mail same as above where PIN verification has been manually done by Google Adsense. After getting this mail, payment hold is removed from your account and you will be receiving payment on next cycle as mentioned by Google.

Display Adsense Ads in Nepali Blogs

How to Use Google Adsense in Blogs with Nepali languages?

yes, you might have noticed that, adsense codes are somewhat like this

google_ad_width = 728;
google_ad_height = 90;


Using The above code only displays blank while such codes are used in Blogs where Nepali language is used. To show ads, simply You need to add

google_language= “en”;


The full code becomes:

google_ad_width = 728;
google_ad_height = 90;
google_language= “en”;

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  1. i have citizen ship from shyangja and i currently lives in pokhara and i added my current address i.e pokhara in my adsense account now i havenot recieved my pin for 3 times will my citizen ship from shyangja work please help me

    1. Wap Nepal says:

      Address you Adsense to your permanent address of Syangja and provide the photo of your driving license to Google Adsense.

  2. Can I verify through the Citizenship ? I don’t have driving license

    1. Wapu Samir says:

      Any kind of document written in English is fine.

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