Google Adsense- Tips to Protect from invalid clicks

How to protect Google Adsense account from invalid clicks?
– Right, this is a very good question and a superb question. Here is a special and best way of protecting adsense account from invalid clicks. As all bloggers, webmasters must know Google takes a strict action against invalid clicks.

How to Protect from Invalid Clicks on Google Adsense?

– Use statCounter for taking your analytics. StatCounter gives record of every outgoing links, incoming links, visitor details and all. We consider StatCounter outgoing link data to handle our adsense account perfectly.

Usually look at the “exit links” in statcounter if you notice a lot more clicks in your Adsense account than seems normal.

If your daily average for clicks is 30 and you suddenly notice 200 clicks showing up. In this case you must make your head straight and look for statcounter and check the “exit link activity”.

There is a magnifying glass on each activity. Use the magnifying glass beside each click, or use the “visitor path” option to see if this is coming from one person.

You can get more help from Google Adsense Forum.

New update:

Copy the data, or take a screenshot of the problem person, and use that to report the issue to adsense right away. And, until you are sure the click-bombing has stopped, remove your website from the allowed sites list in your adsense account. If you have your own webhosting, then you can put an .htaccess file on your webserver (if your host allows that) that would ban the IP address of that person from being able to access your website.

With the help of StatCounter, you can detect invalid activity on adsense. Statcounter doesn’t actually stop these things from happening, it just provides you with the information you need in order to report it to adsense. StatCounter records the date and time these clicks occurred, and the user’s IP address and other information that you can get from statcounter for that visitor.

You can get more help from Google Adsense Forum.

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