Green queen contest a new and only online web for food delivery in green city pokhara, has organised an special event focusing for females.
Green Queen contestant which has been organised by petbhari is getting in spotlight since a week, this contest has been a talk and voice of almost every girls.
Month of srawan also known as the green month, when all the nepalese married and unmarried females wear green sari, green bangles with mehendi designed on hands is simply an awesome period on nepal.
As per Mr. Baibob Poudel, Managing Director of Byanjan and Executive Director at The Barahi Group, one of Nepal’s most successful luxury hotel chains and one of the main key person behind , “this kinds of program will help to save our culture and tradition “.
How much modern we get, how much change we make, and how much development we do, but something we must not forget is our culture , norms and values. Our culture and traditions are the gift to us from our ancestors , they are something which make us different from other part of the world.
Wherever we may go, wherever we may stay or whatever we may do, we should be proud that we are nepali. We are from a country of Lord Buddha, we are from that nation where world’s highest peak “Mt. Everest” is standing straight, we are the brave Gurkhas with whom the whole world scares. We are the one who never scared of falling down. We should be proud to wear our traditional dresses and celebrate our festivals .
The much we forget our traditions, that much we get away from nationality. We must save our norms and values, they must not be only captured within photos and not only be limited within the lines of books, they must be a topic to celebrate. They must be a season to share happiness.They are something which we should teach our offsprings, so that a feeling of nepalese will never fade away.
The step has taken is something that every nepalese organisation should think about.
Not only the petbhari but also other communities and organisations in our country should target such programmes .Not only in pokhara but such contests should be held in whole nation and everywhere where there’s a nepalese citizen.
We here are proud of this organization and the thing what they brought to focus, we wish them all the best for the success and huge achievement of their program’s goals .


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