Hack A Windows XP Password Without Any Programs [Windows XP Tips]

Hacking windows password is very easy and it does not need necessary program to change it.

Here’s how to do it

1. Go to Start -> Run

2. Type “cmd” without quote and click OK.

3. Command prompt will appear. Type “net user” without qoute

4. Look for name with corresponding word like “SUPPORT_388945a0”

Administrator Guest
owner SUPPORT_388945a0

5. Type “net user owner *” and hit ENTER

6. Now it ask you to type a password to the user

7. Confirm the password and now command confirm successfully.

8. Type EXIT and hit ENTER

And now password change even without knowing the original password. This is useful if you forgot your password.

New update:

It’s really easy to hack the login password of Windows XP. This trick can be useful if you forgot what your login password is and want to change it so you can login again. I actually had this experience when I was trying to use my laptop which was deserted for almost a year. Forgot password = Can’t login. But there’s always a solution.

Hacking Windows XP Login Password

1. Restart your computer and keep pressing F8.

2. From the menu, select boot in safe mode with command prompt.

3. once you’re at the command prompt, type “net users” (without quotes)

4. You will see a list of usernames. Pick the username that you are using and type “net users username *” (without quotes, replace username with a real username from that username list)

5. You will be asked to enter a new password and a second reconfirmation.

6. Press enter and you will be told that your username password has been changed successfully.

Easy, wasn’t it?


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