HISSAN Routine Grade 11 and Grade 12

HISSAN Routine Grade 11 and Grade 12
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HISSAN stands for Higher Institutions and Secondary Schools’ Association Nepal. HISSAN regularly monitors colleges and publishes HISSAN routine. As the name suggests, it is an association of the higher secondary schools of Nepal that is privately funded. Its office lies in Trade Tower Nepal, Thapathali, Kathmandu and it was established in 1996.

The role of private sector in imparting higher secondary level education has been remarkable in Nepal. The education sector of Nepal constitutes about 56 percentage of financial investment by the private sector in the important areas of science and technology like medicine, engineering, forestry, agriculture and others. Such all privately funded higher secondary schools’ association; HISSAN has been working to enhance the quality of education in the respective level.

HISSAN has dedicated itself to provide high standard education to its students so that they can make use of it in their further life. HISSAN operates through its committees. There are three committees of HISSAN which are Central Committee, Advisory Committee and District Committee. These committees make the important decision regarding the education system in the higher secondary levels of the schools.

It provides important decisions for the academic development of Higher Secondary Schools. It is responsible for the protection and promotion of the students and its employees as well. The code of conduct to be maintained by the students and the employees is also decided by HISSAN. It encourages a healthy competition among the higher secondary schools that helps them to bring improvement in themselves.

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With the amendment of Education act in 2016 July and its amendment, new president of HISSAN has been elected who is Ramesh Silwal, chief of Golden Gate College. The structures and roles of the organization have been redefined making it an umbrella organization of schools and universities.

HISSAN Routine Grade 11 and Grade 12

If you want to check the HISSAN routine for class 11 and 12 then follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official website of HISSAN that is hissan.org.np. (It is the official website of HISSAN that provides complete information regarding it.)
  • After the page opens, you can see various sections there like home, About HISSAN, Committee, Links, Gallery, News and Events, Downloads, Result and Contact.
  • To know your routine, click on the “News and Events” Section.
  • The page for respective section opens and if your routine has been published then it will be shown in the page.
  • Click on the respective link to view the full information. Different subjects, their respective subject code, date and time of the examination will be mentioned there.

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