How to transfer balance in NTC Prepaid (Nepal Telecom)

Nepal Telecom provides balance transfer service to its customers. It was previously closed for a while but again it has started the service of balance transfer from NTC prepaid to NTC prepaid. In this article, we will mention you about the easy way to transfer balance in NTC mobile and how to get security code to transfer the balance.

Easy way for NTC Balance Transfer

There is a syntax for balance transfer.

You need to dial *422*security code*mobile number of receiver*Amount rupees#

NTC has improved a lot on its services. With a single call to 1413, we can recharge postpaid mobile phone, landline phone, and ADSL. If you need any information then you can dial 1414 from your Nepal Telecom handset.

balance transfer ntc
balance transfer ntc

Important things you must know to transfer balance in NTC

You can send minimum ten rupees and maximum 100 rupees in a single transaction.

There is a limit to transfer five times a day. You can not transfer more than five times.

This service is for prepaid only.

Previously, you need to convert your currency to paisa while transferring the balance. But, with the recent update, you need to note down the amount in rupees instead of paisa.

NTC Balance Transfer

After discussing lots about balance transfer in NTC. You must note these things.

*422*Security Code*Mobile  number*rupees#

Forgot NTC balance transfer Security code

What to do if you forget your NTC security code? If you missed security code for balance transfer, then you must contact Nepal Telecom office to reset your security code. This is for security purposes.

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