How to type in Nepali?

It is easy to type in Nepali now. You will no longer have to install Nepali fonts in your system and spend time for key combinations. You won’t have to memorize all the key combinations to produce symbols and special letters either. Internet gigs and masters have now brought revolutionary change as with Nepali Unicode, you can get all your Nepali articles typed with ease. You won’t have to worry, how to type in Nepali any longer. This system of Nepali Unicode lets you produce your writing in Nepali script with the help of Romanized English. You type the words in English just the way they sound in Nepali and you will get your text converted. Isn’t that easy and fun? So, where to get those tools? You can find lots of website over the internet and other applications and tools offering this service that will allow you to get your writing typed in Nepali. You can build your presence now in Nepali language too. Things have become much simpler and convenient. So, how does the Romanized English works? Here are some examples that will make you clear about the Nepali Unicode.

How to type in Nepali?

how to type in nepali

Steps to type in Nepali

There is the best tool to type in Nepali. You can get Nepali words after typing it in English as shown in the example below.

 Nepalma chito shanti hos = नेपालमा छिटो शान्ति होस्!

 Aramai hunuhuncha? = आरामै हुनुहुन्छ?

 sagarmatha bishoko thulo tapu ho! = सगरमाथा बिश्वको ठुलो टापू हो!

 Mero ghar pokhara ho = मेरो घर पोखरा हो!

How to type in Nepali?

So, whatever you want to write, be it a poem, article, story, news or anything, you can get things written in Nepali within some minutes. Typing in Nepali has become way easier. All you need is basic typing skills in English. You will no longer need Nepali imprinted keyboard. How does that sound? Your problem is solved now so, get going with your writings. Moreover, there is translation service too that has been introduced by Google Translator but Unicode is more effective as Google Translator mightn’t give you the words you want and correction along with proofreading could take some time longer.


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