HYIP: Profitclicking Scam, MakeMoneySurf Scam, Profitablesunrise Scam

With dreams of earning huge amount of money, Internet marketer invests his sum of money of HYIP (high-yield investment program). Actually telling, with a lots of Research by me myself there is no genuine website for HYIP. Profitclicking, previously known as Justbeenpaid rocked few years, Now its current status is totally bad. Profitclicking has not paid to any one since 7 months and many members are still waiting for payment. Profitclicking has came up of premium ad packages in the name of looting people again.

I invested $500 on Profitclicking, on a return I did not even received single dollor. Profitclicking is SCAM.

Another program named moneymakersurf.net is also scam, not a good site to invest. You may ask why?

– LR as a payment processor is not working since 4 days, still owner is silent about this fact. MMS says instant payment but no members is receiving payment in their LR account since 4 days. MMS just asks users to upgrade and surf, no thing more.

I invested $224 on it. As a return, I need to upgrade to get daily payout. I upgraded $24 daily , MMS did not sent any payment to LR.

Bad to Invest!!

profitclicking scam

Now even the website is  suspended since this morning

Another program named profitablesunrise.com is scam, not a good site to invest.

– Website is down since 2 days. No mails alerts and many more.

I invested $100 on profitablesunrise.com, I got only $18 from it. Without getting remaining dollors, website is dead since 2 days.


New update:

Are HYIP ‘s good to use?

No, its not good to run before HYIP. Actually its like playing game especially like playing cards, you may be in great loss. Probability is 80% chances to have loss and only 20% to have profit. People these days are running after HYIP and with increase on interest of people, HYIP companies are also increasing and companies are enjoying money from investors with out returning them the invested sum.

HYIP investors can show you dream of earning and might be referring you for getting some percentage of dollors. Its my suggestion to be away from HYIP and if you have fund utilize it in something beneficial and fruitful, not on HYIP.

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