Install Android in Your old Iphone! (without using computer)

If you have old iphone (2g or 3g) and it doesnot run many of the applications , then you need not to hang up with your old iOS. You can install Android os in your phone and enjoy the android applications. Using iPhoDroid, you can install Android OS on your iPhone. But you know that. Over the time, using iPhoDroid got ridiculously easy, but you need a computer to run it. How about installing Android OS directly on your iPhone? No computers, no wires, nothing… Now you can do that, thanks to Bootlace 2.1.

Bootlance supports :

iphone 2g(3.1.2 and 3.1.3) and iPhone 3G(3.1.2,3.1.3,4.0,4.0.1,4.0.2,4.1)

jailbreaks: PwnageTool,Redsn0w ( not 0.9.6b2 for now ),Blackra1n


How to do?

  • First of all , go to cydia and search Bootlance .(it will be under Bigboss reposities in cydia)
  • Install Bootlance
  • A new icon will be added to your SpringBoard called ‘Bootlace’
  • Load Bootlace and install ‘OpeniBoot’.
  • Capture
  • Now, tap on ‘iDroid’ and install it.
  • Capture22
  • Once you installed iDroid, that’s it, you are done. You now have a dual-boot iPhone. To boot into Android OS, you can reboot your iPhone or from inside Bootlance, tap on ‘QuickBoot’ and then tap on the Android icon.
  • Capture222
  • now you are ready to go for Idroid!


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