IPhone Vs Android – Which One to Choose

At present, every person is living in a technology driven world. If we talk about Android and iPhone then both of them are the mAndroidt needed intelligent mobile phones for coming generation. With the help of these two intelligent mobile mobile phones, life becomes much simpler and smoother.

The Primary Evaluation Between the iPhone and Android are as follows:

The first distinction between the iPhone and the Android mobile phones is that iPhone is absolutely controlled by Apple, which includes the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. This intelligent cell cellphone supports the big cellular networks, which are AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and more. Android is Linux-based software Managing Program (ANDROID) for mobile gadgets involving smartphones and tablets also. The Android Os is maintained by Google. The recent Android operating product is Gingerbread that runs on a wide range of intelligent mobile mobile phones and other devices. Android mobile phones in distinction are more efficient. With Android smartphones, you can quickly work with Gmail and support new hardware functions that on paper are better than the iPhone functions.

The other distinction between iPhone and Android is the durability and longevity. The real picture of iPhone is that there is no chance to modify power supply. It means that you need to purchase a new iPhone if your cellphone power supply is dead. In contrast, Android smartphones from Samsung, Motorola and the others give you an opportunity to modify power supply at any time if it is needed. The foundation of an iPhone is so powerful and strong than the iPhone. The other functions of Android mobile mobile phones are that they have application programs, which are default for Android mobile phones. You can quickly download the programs from the Android market. Sometimes, you see that it took a few months to operate with Android cellphone as the control really works differently than the iPhone.

If we do comparison between platforms, the functionalities of iPhone are very difficult to manage and in situation of Android, the situation is quite opposite. iPhone programs are somewhat closed and the Android programs are absolutely depending on free. Android mobile phones downloading resource code is much simpler and faster than the iPhone. Android’s foundation is conventional and efficient in terms of the layout. Just only for all these reasons, mAndroidt of the people give more preference to the Android cellphone growth rather than iPhone growth.

New update:

You have decided you want a new smart phone. The majority of smart phones are either iPhone or Android based, how would you choose which phone best suits you? The following steps will guide you to the most important aspects you need to take into consideration before you make your choice.

1)Know the difference: Android and iPhone are similar, yet they have some clear differences.
  • Do you like to change the look and feel of your phone every now and then? Do you like to use third party apps if you’re not satisfied with the ones that came with your phone? Do you heavily rely on Google’s suite of apps(Drive,Gmail, Google Maps)? If so then consider buying an Android phone.
  • Do you like things the way they came? Do you want a smartphone that feels premium and also does not compromise on functionality? Do you rely on Apple’s suite of apps? If so, consider purchasing an Apple iPhone.

2)Choose which screen size suits you the most. Do you prefer small, medium or big screen sizes? iPhone comes in a few standard sizes , 3.5 (diagonal) such as the iPhone 4S or the 4″ (Diagonal) like the iPhone 5 and the 5S or the new larger iPhone 6 (4.7″ screen) and the iPhone 6+ (5.5″ screen). By contrast, Android devices come in many sizes, ranging from compact, such as the Motorola Moto G and large, such as the Nexus 6.

3)Decide if the hardware is more important to you. Do you like the latest and greatest specs? Do you want blazing fast processing speeds and a camera with loads of megapixels? You may consider buying the top end Android smartphones or the iPhone 6+.

4)Consider if the simplicity of the UI matters more to you. It may not have blindingly fast processor speeds or a monstrous RAM, but it performs just as well, with seamless performance. The iPhone’s UI is quite easy to use in contrast to Android, which presents a slight learning curve.

5)Consider the smartphone design. No smartphone is unquestionably better than the other. There are many accessories for iPhones and Android phones alike. Looks and aesthetics of a phone matter just as much as the hardware specs of it.

6)Consider if you’re okay with the update plans of the respective OS: Apple usually pushes upgrade to all its devices quickly. Android updates take time as they have to be tested and customized to the manufacturer’s theme. Except for the Nexus series and a few other phones, android updates take a few months after a new version has been launched. Some people want to be on the bleeding edge of technology and want the latest and greatest update as soon as it is out, others are satisfied if their phones eventually get an update and yet other simply do not bother updating at all. Consider which category you fall in, and choose your smartphone accordingly.


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