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From childhood to old age, we hear millions of funny Nepali Jokes. They have been part of our life and most important of all, they have been working as medicine... Read more »

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  Yes, Lets laugh with Nepali Jokes. thousands of Jokes in Nepali. 100% funny jokes. Come ‘on lets laugh with jokes. Exams देऊ रिजल्टको चिन्ता नगर हरेक केटीलाई प्रपोज... Read more »

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Nepali Jokes Collection. Ekdam Funny Only.     Top TEN Collections of Rajesh dai’s facts 1. Rajesh dai doesnt celebrate tihar coz once he did, universe was formed 2.... Read more »

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Nepali Jokes: बाउ (साथीसँग): मेरो ४ जना छोरा छन् एउटाले MBA, दोस्रोले MA, तेस्रोले PHDगर्या छ अनि चौथो चाहिँ चोर छ !साथी: त्यसो भए त्यो चोर छोरालाई घरबाट किन ननिकाल्या... Read more »

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A girl fell down from the 20th floor A boy caught her on 15th floor n asked her will u hug me ? She replied , of course not... Read more »

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Here are the Nepali Adult Jokes Poor man catches a fish, Wife couldnt cook coz there was No gas, No electricity, No oil, Then, man puts fish back in... Read more »

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Funny Sms Messages I have u ever thought while sleeping what if the fan breaks and falls on you, or the legs of your bed breaks, or there a... Read more »

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Here are some funny nepali jokes. Jokes will be updated regularly. pahilo gadha: yar mero malik le malai sadhai kutne garcha! doshro gadha: teso vaye vagera ja ta !... Read more »