KV Rajan prescribed splitting Maoist leadership: Wikileaks Nepal

New leak made by Wikileaks.org:

Former Ambassador to Nepal KV Rajan prescribed, among other things, that in order to end Nepal’s political crisis (during 2006 April movement) India should split the Maoist leadership, reveals a US embassy cable released on Aug 30 by Wikileaks.

Rajan reckoned that more than the then King Gyanendra, it was the Maoists who pose real threat and India had not realized this. “Instead of cutting off military supplies and demanding democracy, the present requirement is for stronger support for the King against the Maoists,” he argued.

Conversely, Rajan also asserted that the India’s constant reiteration that constitutional monarchy is one of the “twin pillars” of government in Nepal in the future is also misguided: the GOI should back the King now but be ready to “help him depart the scene” once the present crisis is over.  In contrast, he said, the USG approach better recognized the real threat posed by the Maoists.

Rajan outlined the elements of his ideal path for Nepal’s future (which he admitted was optimistic):

1. Strong military action to take the fight to the Maoists;

2. Split in the Maoist leadership and subsequent faltering of the insurgency;

3. New leadership in the political parties with better credibility and stronger commitment to good governance;

4. The King’s realization that he cannot hold back demands for democratic reform forever.

With these steps, he argued, revitalized political parties will gradually win concessions from the Palace on democratic re forms.

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