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To get the latest Nepali news, there are many sources available at the present. To get updated about the latest Nepali news means getting updated with the current contemporary events related to Nepal directly or indirectly. News means any information about the current events. There are various media through which we can get current information. However, as we know it today, the genre of news that we refer today is closely associated with the newspaper.

latest Nepali news

For the latest Nepali News, one of the most authentic sources is newspapers. Newspapers are published in a daily basis and they provide most up to date information about contemporary events. Newspapers cover a wide range of news of the country on various topics which are government, politics, economics, education, health, entertainment and many other topics. Coming to this era of technology, newspapers are not only limited to the printed version. So, you need not go buy a newspaper to be updated about latest news. Internet has got us all connected in a global level. You can get latest Nepali News through online sources as well.

Online News Nepal

To get the latest Nepali News, you can read the daily newspapers of Nepal like Kantipur, Gorkhapatra, The Himalayan Times, The Kathmandu Post, Annapurna Post, Nepal Samacharpatra, Rajdhani Daily, Republica, The Rising Nepal, Naya Patrika, etc. These national daily newspapers also have their own websites through which you can go through the daily news of Nepal.

Top Online Latest Nepali News websites

With rapid progress in web technology, almost every component of the society has turned into web appearance. People have let themselves connect through social network and they hardly prefer wired media. On such scenario, easy access of news and updates in the web is not surprising at all. We have entered in a different dimension of communication and we find our things getting done within clicks. We can browse through the world in a click. We can order from our preferred cafeteria. We can book tickets for flights. We can browse through images of places, people we like. Retrieving latest news of Nepal has also turned easy, efficient and amazing.latest news of nepal

Are you looking for latest happenings around you? Things no longer remain same and you can browse through latest news of Nepal within clicks. You can update yourself with latest political affairs, business news, and sports update as well as events happenings nearby you. Large numbers of websites offer news updates these days. Such websites are called News portals.

News portals have been very efficient these days making people independent over paper media and radio and television programs. In past, people had to cut off time from their regular schedules for the scheduled program or wait for the morning paper. However, things have turned different and people can browse through latest news of Nepal on the go. One can log on to websites while walking, while travelling on bus or while eating in a cafeteria and retrieve latest news and updates.

With things happening rapidly around, it is important for us to stay updated and such portals have been amazing source of information. Moreover, they work as independent source of information. However, it is also important for us to be able to identify reliable ones. As websites development has been very easy these days and one can work on it with a single device, people are also found providing fake news just to gather large number of traffic. We should be able to identify reliable portals.

Web portals are efficient in lots of ways and they can be accessed from every part of the world and are not geographically challenged. Should there be availability of internet connection, you can browse through latest news of Nepal even sitting on desktop or your personal gadget abroad. You need wait or look for a location. You can browse through web portals wherever you want.

So, as a conscious citizen, it is our prior responsibility to remain aware on matters of society and nation and these news portals have proven themselves being of great help and amazing source of information.

Some of the other online news sources through which you can avail latest Nepali News are as follows:

  • It is the digital online paper of Nepal. It provides latest Nepali News on various topics like politics, social news, opinions and perspectives of people, economics, art, sports, travel, blog, literature. There are sections for each of these topics. You can go to the website for the latest news.
  • News24 Nepal also provides 24 hour News on TV and Youtube. You can watch live TV of News24 anytime you like from anywhere you are.24 hours news update
  • This is the website to get Nepal’s latest news of every minute along with their analysis. When you go to its website and go to the drop down menu of News (Samachar) at the side of Menu, You can see that there are various sections for the news regarding the country, entertainment, world, education and science, health and lifestyle, tourism, corporate, education, sports and others.
  • This is another online news portal of Nepal. One of the features in this website is that you can read the news in both Nepali and English languages. You can find the option of the language at the right side of the page. There are separate sections for blogs and opinions, entertainment, business, sports and others.
  • It is the Nepali News portal that provides news regarding current affairs about the country. It not only works on online material production and publishing but Ujyaalo is Nepal’s leading multimedia production and broadcasting house that also has expertise on radio programs, public service announcements and others.
  • This Nepali News portal intends to connect Nepalese globally. The edition of News is separate for Nepal, UK and Australia. It is committed to provide accurate news to its subscribers and has been in this field for more than 13 years.

Latest news of Nepal

Latest news of Nepal online. A conscious citizen stays updated about all the contemporary issues of his society and nation. As Nepali, we should also stay updated with latest happenings. However, there could be inconvenience at times when it comes to retrieval of latest news of Nepal. Things no longer remain same. We might not have thought of development of electronic media before some years. We used to wait for news programs on radio and television and on newspapers. However, with growing use of internet and mass development of websites, accessing the latest information has also been an easy task.

Latest news of Nepal by newspaper

There are lots of news portals offering latest news of Nepal too. Large numbers of websites update latest happenings in the nation 24×7. Realizing the importance of web appearance, popular media agencies are also building up web audience. Some leaders in the industry like Nagarik News, Kantipur, Annapurna Post, all of them have their own news portals providing easy web access so that public can stay updated with the latest news of Nepal. People need not wait for morning paper anymore. After logging on the internet, one can easily browse through websites to find the updates with his electronic gadget that offers web connectivity.

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