LEARN FRENCH: Admission OPEN for 5th June to 30th July session!


Would you like to learn French? Then you grasp this opportunity ALLIANCE FRANCAISE is providing from this June 5th to July 30.

New admissions are open for New session .

Admissions are open and it’s your time to follow your steps to learn the French !


 For more details :

Alliance Francaise

Kathmandu, Banshi Ghat Marga, Teku road, Tripureshwor

Phone: 4241163

Website: www.alliancefrancaise.org.np


New update:

The importance of French language and why you should consider study French. French is one of the leading languages of Europe and the world. Because French is an official language of many of the world’s organizations such as the Untied Nations, Nato, UNESCO, the International Red Cross Association, and numerous other international committees and organizations. After English, French is the most learned second language in Europe and around the globe.

French is the language of culture opening your door to art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine, and cinema. As you quickly realize when you look at the foreign film section of your local video store, France is one of the most prolific producers of international films. The Cannes International Film Festival annually attracts the attention of the world when the best films, directors and actors are named. When you understand French you don’t need to rely on subtitles to enjoy a French film.

Learning any language is an ongoing process and don’t expect results over night or without any effort. Many resources are readily available to lessen the effort and time it takes to learn French. Believe it or not but over 40 to 50% of English vocabulary comes from the French Language. In fact, French has the most words spread out over many different languages. Learning the importance of French can even help you understand your own language better! French is also a good language to learn if you plan to learn other romance languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian.


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