List of Facebook Smileys

Smileys in Facebook are used during facebook chat and Facebook Smileys has been a great importance during chatting to share emotions, feelings, respect and humor. So, use of facebook smileys are being used more and more in facebook chat day by day. Here are the list of all smileys that are used in facebook in our daily life.


5. Robot : Robot has two read eyes on it with a antennae on its head and it is simply like a wireless robot. Type :|] and press enter.


4.Devil : Devil recognizes the face of horror devil. This can be used to show your anger while chating with your friends online in facebook. You can type 3:) to use Devil as facebook smiley.

3. Angel : Angel recognizes a cute gal (paari in Nepali). Angel can be used to make your girl friend or beloved once happy. Meaning of Angel is ‘cute’ . You can type O:) to use Angel as facebook Smiley.

2. Pacman :Pacman displays the face of pacman. You can type :v to use pacman simley.

1. Smile : Smile- as name describes itself is most important facebook smiley during facebook chat. Type 🙂 to use Smile facebook chat smiley.

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