Lok sewa aayog exam Tips Tricks to Study

Lok sewa aayog a Nepali word also called as a public service commission. Lok sewa aayog exam Tips Tricks to Study. This study tips will help you to prepare your LOK SEWA exam. It is connected with Nepal. It is established on 15 June 1951 AD, or before 66 years. It is a government organization which  has its headquarter in Kathmandu, Nepal. the chairman of commission is Mr.Umesh Prasad mainali and there are about 1600 staffs. The Public Service Commission  annually submits a report of its work to the President of Nepal. Further it is sent to legislative parliament for discussion.  it  is the main constitutional body involved in selecting meritorious candidates required by Government of Nepal for Civil Service Vacancy. Public Service Commission is regarded as one of the most credible modes of recruitment. This is mentioned in the present constitution of Nepal 2072. The Constitution of Nepal 2072 has regarded the commission as an independent constitutional body

Lok sewa aayog exam Tips Tricks to Study

In order to prepare for public service examination the following criteria wwill be beneficial some of them are :

  • Time management is something really important in order to prepare for exam as we have to give more of our time for preparation
  • Give equal importance to all subjects as each and every subjects are equally importance we should not leave the content of any subjects.
  • Go through previous question for ideas about how the question format comes or what sorts of question will come in examination
  • The main point is that there is minus marks too so we should be beware while giving answers as we cant tick the questions until we are not confident
  • Don’t think your regional section would be that easy
  • For the general English section you should get a simple grammar book and go through it

lok sewa aayogIn order to get more information about public service commission there has been invented an lok sewa application. It is an android app which we can download from google play store in our android phones. We can find different course content related to public service commission examination, which will be beneficial or easier to prepare for the examination. As we know Lok Sewa Nepal  is a web and mobile based single solution for notices, notes, practice questions, online test and other materials for the preparation of Lok Sewa exam conducted by Public Service Commission , Nepal. You can also check lok sewa aayog vacancy from our another page.

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