Smartphones are now increasingly used and throughout the world and its market is also booming leaving behind the sales of Desktops, laptops.  The internet network is easier and faster in weaving the smart phones connecting the large number of people and places. Some time before, there were few giants making the best mobile phones and were pioneer of their age. Yes, just few years ago NOKIA, BLACKBERRY, MOTORWALA were giants leaving far behind the late comers like apple and Samsung ,LG.

The time has drastically changed since the first launch of iphone in 2007 and lots other android devices after2008. We see the large sales of smartphones in present time but the reality of largest sales of the mobile phone goes to the previous bigboss NOKIA who’s NOKIA 1100 was a jackpot.

Although after MS owned NOKIA later, the history made by the NOKIA is not yet broken.

#Largest sale mobile phone: NOKIA 1100 ,( released in 2003, more than 250 million units sold till now)

nokia 1100

The Nokia 1100 became so popular that even its successor, Nokia 1110 basked in its predecessor’s glory at the time of release in 2005 which helped Nokia sell over 250 million 1110 handsets.

  • iPhone 4S: Over 60 million units sold
  • Samsung S3: Over 50 million units sold
  • Motorola Razr: Over 130 million units sold


New update:

Nokia has burned through €633m (£514m) of cash in three months with sales falling by 20% in a year, thanks to sluggish demand for its smartphones and a near €1bn collapse in takings from China.

The Finnish company has spent almost a third of its cash reserves in 12 months, and has €3.6bn left in the bank to fund into a smartphone maker capable of competing with Apple and Samsung.

“The big investor concern is that Nokia might run out of cash before windows phone builds a successful following,” said analyst Mark Sue at RBC Capital markets.

The shares rose more than 8% in early trading, before closing up less than 1% at €2.20 as bad news about handsets was balanced by a turnaround at Nokia Siemens Networks. The subsidiary, which makes telecoms equipment, swung back into profit after making more than 14,000 job cuts and reducing its product lines to concentrate on mobile rather than fixed line networks.

Once the mobile market leader, Nokia has lost almost 90% of its stock market value since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007. On Thursday it reported its sixth straight quarter of losses since adopting Microsoft’s Windows phone software.

Third quarter sales fell to €7.2bn, better than analysts were forecasting but down from nearly £9bn in the third quarter of 2011, as smartphone shipments withered by 10m to 6.3m units. Overall shipments fell 22% to 83m, with only 300,000 phones sold in North America. Devices sales fell in every region except Latin America, with takings in China collapsing from €1.2bn to €300m. A spokesman said this was due to a switch in strategy by Chinese mobile networks, which have begun subsidising handsets but are generally pushing models with a lower cost than those made by Nokia.

The group’s Lumia smartphones, which run on Microsoft’s operating system, declined in popularity with global shipments falling to 2.9m units, down from 4m in the second quarter.




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