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One  of  the most common questions which one is the best Nepali typing font? Most popular Nepali font for Free Download. We understand the curiosity. However, there are a number of fonts which performing the excellent job. If you are searching the most popular Nepali fonts, this post will help you to find out. Yep, without any difficulty, you can use it for your regular Nepali typing or design purpose.


Preeti font download :

Preeti font is one of the most popular Nepali fonts. Preeti is like the Times New Roman of Nepali font so that We can say it’s a default Nepali font. It a simple and clear  to typing as well as easy to understand. It is the mostly used nepali  font whole over the country, people choose this font in compare to other  Nepali fonts found.

Sagarmatha font download :

Sagarmatha font is another best for Nepali typing. It’s also simple and beautiful font. It attracts the user that’s why you can use this font for Nepali text in Bold. It makes the word attractive to look.popular nepali fonts

Mangal font download:

Mangal is an another popular font. It is very important for offical use. It’s also called Devanagari font. Mangal font is a little bit hard to typing then Preeti or other Nepali fonts. You can use this font for social media to express own thought and feeling.

Kantipur font download:

Kantipur font is another one popular font. While writing lots of page or paragraph, you can use it. It quite looks like similar to the Preeti font, but is not exactly the preeti font.

Kanchan font download :

Kanchan is very simple and similar to Preeti font. After typing a page or paragraph its gives you happiness on your face. We can say its most of the slim font on the list of fonts. It  is  used when we have to write a lot of letters in least amount of pages.


Ananda 1 Hv font download :

We suggest you, use Ananda 1 Hv font for design purpose. It’s very awesome and you will love it after choosing this font on your computer. It helps to make your design attractive to use and as well as it is eye catching.

Ganess font download :best nepali fonts

Ganess font is also the popular font for those who want to be a designer. Most of the designer love this font because it’s very bold and excellent, which is attractive to see and also tries to make design eye catching.

Amrit Kuruti font download:

Amrit Kuruti is another good looking font. It also the popular for design purpose. It is  bold and attractive. Amrit Kuruti is one step best glamorous font than others. It helps to make the words fabulous  and attractive, we can use this fonts without hesitation.

Shrinagar font download :

Shrinagar font is another popular Nepali font. This font is thinner in size when compared to other design fonts. Download this font to get the different test on your design.

Suryodaya font download :

This is an another popular Nepali design font with a bit of weight. It looks like similar to Amrit Kuruti and simple and quite popular as well. This is used to make the pages full  with least words.

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