Multinational companies in Nepal – Top Nepali Business on Profit

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Nepal has number of Multinational companies like Unilever, Ncell, Bottlers Nepal. Here are the top 10 multinational companies in Nepal.

Multinational companies in Nepal

  • Unilever Nepal Limited (UNL): Unilever Nepal Limited manufactures, distributes, and sells detergents, scourers, laundry soaps, soap noodles, toilet soaps, and personal products.Some name of produt are fair&lovely(cosmetics),dove(soap and shampoo),closeup(thoothpaste),axe(deo),lux(soap),ponds(cosmetics). The company is based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Unilever Nepal Limited is a subsidiary of Hindustan Unilever  is a subsidiary company of Hindustan Unilever Company which owns 80% stake in the company and rest 20% is owned by the general public of Nepal..It is also known as south asia’s largest personal care company.Managing director of this company located in Nepal is MR.Srikanth  Srinivasamadhavan and finance manager is MR.Pramod nair.
  • Ncell: It is one of the largest profit making company in the country,  which is also one of the leading company in the top ten list. Ncell grew to become the highest taxpayer with the charge of taxes which used to be due in income transactions in the FY 2072/73. In the ultimate fiscal year Ncell paid total taxes of Rs 28.50 arba to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). The income tax of the employer alone was Rs 20.85 arba. In the fiscal year  2071/72 Ncell had paid tax of Rs 17.05 is one of the popular service provider nowdays.
  • Bottlers Nepal Limited (BNL): Coca Cola is a soft drink by Bottlers Nepal. The company was founded in 1979 and is based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Bottlers Nepal Limited operates as a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Singapore Pvt. Ltd. The most famous product which has been produced  is cocacola. Bottlers Nepal holds 90.78 percent and the ultimate 9.22 percent shares of regularly occurring public. Gorkha Brewery owns 22% stake in Bottlers Nepal.. It used to produces some other products like fanta,sprite and some other cold drinks etc and so on.Multinational companies in Nepal
  • Raddision hotel: Its located in Lazimpat,Kathmandu,Nepal. During  guest stay, rejuvenate with this hotel’s impressive relaxation facilities, such as Spa and the health club. It’s a five star hotel and is one of a successful service provider. Visitor’s can find a comfortable place to land in one or more in 260 rooms and suites.It contains six one site restaurant and bar for the guest comfort and choise.
  • 5)Chaudhary Group: CG Mansion is a separate business entity headed by Mr. Basant Chaudhary.It is one of the multinational company in Nepal,whose chairman in present context is the only billionaire in Nepal  MR.Binod Chaudhary.He has contribution in many products like in cement,education,infastucture,financial service,electronics,hotel and resort.
  • 6) Surya Nepal Private Limited: The balance shares are held with the aid of Local Nepalese men and women & Corporate shareholders and British American Tobacco (Investment) Limited, UK. It ranks in the third role in the listing of very best tax Payer Company in Nepal.The company has Pravakar and Siddhartha Rana of Sipradi Group as its local is also known as the more tax paid company. In the fiscal year 2072/73, the company has paid a total of Rs 5.70 arba tax including Rs 3.18 arba as income tax to the IRD.
  • 7)Gorkha Brewery (P) Ltd.: The employer paid Rs 3.21 arba tax along with Rs 1.56 arba income tax in the closing fiscal year. two In 2010, Carlsberg Group took over the management. The multinational companies’ overall performance is magnificent each year. These multinational groups can difficulty IPO to come to be public company. The beverage organisation is local associate for Bottlers Nepal with its 22% stake in the company. Gorkha Brewery has posted more than 600% as profit to its investors.
  • 8)Dabur Nepal: Dabur is the largest ayurvedic and natural health are company in the world. Dabur has become a global brand wiht 5.3 million retail outlets. During the 132 years of operation, Dabur has transformed itself from a family owned company to a multi-national.its brands are:vatika for personal and items,,hojmola for digestion, real for juices,fem for beauty and skin care.

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