Nag Panchami Nepal Facts Snake Day facts

Its amazing to know about Snake day of Hindu and the whole nation is celebrating Nag panchami. This festival is observed on the fifth day of bright half of hindu lunar calander. The festival usually falls on month of shrawan. On the occasion, pictures of snakes containing mantras are pasted above the entrance of the house with a belief that doing so will keep snakes away from home.

snake day

People offer maize, milk, paste of rice and yogurt and believe that King of nag will protect them against snakes. People visits the nearby temple of Nag early morning and worship.
People visit Nag Pokhari, Taudaha of Kathmandu, Nagdaha of Lalitpur and Siddhapokhari of Bhaktapur as well.
There are many myths about this festival. They believe digging earth this day kill harmful snakes.

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