Namaste Balance Transfer Opened Again

Hello all,

This is a nice information that NTC (Nepal Telecom) has re-opened Balance Transfer Facility. Previously, NTC has stopped this service with a reason of security. This service has made users more easier. NTC users can transfer any amount of balance greater than 10 NRS so there is no compulsion of Recharging 100NRS in account.

Way to transfer Balance to another prepaid mobile;

Dial *422*Security Code*Destination mobile number*Amount in Paisa# (Previous Not working now)

Dial *422*Security Code*Destination mobile number*Amount in Rupees# (Now working)

New update: We can dail  1414 and know about the services of NTC. We can recharge our landline phone by using recharge card. Ntc has been providing us internet facilities and services with effective schemes at effective rate. NT Customers can now recharge there GSM Postpaid/ Prepaid Mobile, ADSL Internet Account, PSTN Landline bill from anywhere simply by dialing 1413. Nepal Telecom has provided different services like ADSL broadband Internet, Dial-up internet access, Internet Leased Line connectivity, Web sms, Telecome etc.Nepal Telecommunication Corporation was transformed into Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited from Baisakh 1, 2061. Nepal Doorsanchar company Limited is a company registered under the companies Act 2053.  The goal of NTC is to provide cost effective telecommunication services at every corner of country. NTC wants to remain as dominant player in telecommunication sector country. They want to extend reliable and cost effective services to all. It also seems that nepal telecom has good developmet on its telecommunication software.

 Lets Hope NTC with lunch more new better service.


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