Ncell launches 3G service in Everest region

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Ncell, the first private sector GSM operator, has started 3G service and Ncell Connect, a data service, in the Mount Everest region. The company has established the first base station for 3G network at the base camp of Mount Everest.

With the setting up of the 3G base station, the locals, climbers and trekkers in Khumbu Valley will be able to avail fast internet service and 3G service, in addition to the current voice services available, to improve their communication capabilities.

Now, even the climbers ascending Mount Everest can make calls easily from Ncell network

New update:

The Khumbu valley, which leads up to Mount Everest, now has 3G coverage, according to Nordic telco TeliaSonera.

Ncell, is a subsidiary TeliaSonera, launched 3G services covering the Khumbu region.3G coverage on top of Mount Everest is a technical possibility, but the main aim is to provide coverage of the tourist walking route up to Everest, a TeliaSonera spokesman told ZDNet UK.

“The highest base station is at 5200m, which will provide coverage to [Everest south] base camp [at 5,360m], and above,” said Thomas Jonsson, TeliaSonera vice president of external communication. “We’ve built [the network] to cover areas that are populated, and for tourists.”

Ncell has ten base stations in the Khumbu area. The company protected the base stations from the weather fairly easily, said Jonsson, due to their small size. The main engineering difficulty had been building the sites, as there was no real road.There is no power supply.All those base stations are solar powered with a battery backup. There is limited communications backbone in Nepal, so Ncell is using satellite communications to to relay signals from the base station

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