Ncell: NEW SIM-SIM PACK offer in Rs. 99

CaptureNcell comes with a new  scheme among the users in order to attract the new  users towards the use of Ncell which is growing rapidly .

Ncell announces , NEW SIM-SIM PACK  in which new users who want to buy the sims can buy two(2) sims just for Rs. 99(Exclusive tax).

Each sim will be loaded with Rs.24 Main balance and Rs.25 Bonus Balance.

For one month, Both the  users will get 30 minutes night talktime free  and 100 sms free in NCELL network.

for more details: 

Dial, 9952 or go to

New update:

New SIM-SIM pack

Buy Ncell’s new SIM-SIM pack at just Rs. 99 and get two Sajilo SIM cards at the price of one. You can gift the other SIM card to your loved one and talk to each other at just 99 paisa per minute.
With the purchase, you will receive main balance of Rs. 24 and bonus balance of Rs. 25 in both the SIM cards.  Each SIM will also get 30 minute free night call and free 100 SMSes. Both night call and SMS will be valid for a month within Ncell network.
Contact your nearest authorized Ncell outlet today, buy the New SIM-SIM pack and join the best quality network. This offer is Valid till 3 months from the date of launch.
The above mentioned call rate is exclusive of tax.
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