Ncell will Charge on Missed Call Notification

Ncell has provided Missed call notification service for free since 3-4 years. Now, Ncell has decided to implement some charges on it. Ncell has said to charge Rs 2 per week from Jan 10. If you wish to deactivate the service then please SMS R to 9191.

Lastly Ncell has also added charge on Sms Email Service which was free till last year.

Slowly and Gradually, Ncell is sucking its costumers. It will be better to move toward Ntc because Ncell, being a telesornia of abroad company, its sucking nepalese indirectly.

New update:

Missed Call Notification is a service which helps us know every single missed call even when out phone is switched off or when we are out of network coverage. we  will receive detailed SMS of all the missed calls when our switch on our mobile phone or when we enter network coverage area. We can call back our missed calls immediately or at our own convenience.

we can activate Missed Call Notification service though following process.

SMSType ‘A’ and send SMS to 9191Type ‘R’ and send SMS to 9191
USSDDial *100# and follow the instructionDial *100# and follow the instruction
IVRDial 900 and follow the instructionDial 900 and follow the instruction
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